Travel Traffic Light System

What is the Traffic Light System?

As lockdown eases in the United Kingdom, in an effort to return international travel to normality and get us all on the move again, the British government has introduced a traffic system to simply classify countries and signal where is safe to travel.

Despite the lifting of restrictions, this traffic light system will mean that there are still certain rules and regulations surrounding international travel. We wanted to break this system down for you so that you can start booking your long-awaited holiday as soon as possible.

Countries are placed in one of three categories:


  • No quarantine upon return.
  • Pre-departure test required to confirm negative status.
  • One PCR test: this is to be taken before arrival to your travel destination.


  • Quarantine upon your return to the UK.
  • Pre-departure test required to confirm negative status.
  • Two PCR tests: one taken on the second day and one on the eighth day upon your return to the United Kingdom.


  • Travel to red zones is not advised and only permissible for very certain circumstances.
  • Pre-departure test required to confirm negative status.
  • Ten-day hotel quarantine required upon destination arrival.
  • Two PCR tests upon your return to the United Kingdom.

PCR Testing: What is a PCR test?

A PCR test, or a polymerase chain reaction test, are used to rapidly detect whether you are currently infected with COVID-19. This is a quick process that involves the traveller to run a fabric tip around their throat in order to identify the possible presence of the virus and determine whether or not they are safe for travel.

Green Destinations

Amber Destinations

Booking With Confidence

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  • ATOL Protection
  • Cancel For Credit

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