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A Holiday in Lovely Historic Jordan is a Great Choice

Jordan is a beautiful country in the Middle East. It is surrounded by the Dead Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea. The country's centre is adorned with tranquil wheat fields through which craggy mountains and expansive canyons run. Its northern hills teeter over the Jordan Valley and are home to hundreds of olive trees.

This land of reddened dunes and weathered sandstone offers terrific photo opportunities to holidaymakers from around the world. In fact, many travellers are drawn to the area to view its impressive scenery, which includes palm trees, desert landscapes and even flowering botanical life in the spring. Additionally, Jordan has a centuries-old tradition of giving a warm welcome to all visitors.

Attractions and Activities

Petra's Monastery

The Monastery of Petra was originally constructed by the Nabateans, and it is one of Jordan's primary attractions. Visitors can choose to walk, hike or travel on donkey with a guided tour to explore the monastery and the hundreds of sandstone steps by which it is surrounded. The aerial view of the structure is outstanding, as are the views from the cave that sits atop the mountain. This unique landmark offers an excellent backdrop for silhouette photos, and those who make it to the top can also view the canyons, valleys and mountains by which the monastery is surrounded.

Holy Sites

Because the religious history of Jordan is important to local residents, there are many holy sites and religious landmarks in the area. These include mosques, temples, palaces and burial grounds, all of which are worth seeing.

Cave of the Seven Sleepers

The famous 'Cave of the Seven Sleepers' is located in Jordan, and is situated just outside Al-Raqim Village, approximately ten kilometres east of Amman. The cave was once a refuge for a group of religious youths during the infamous tyrannical rule of Trajan. Now a top Jordan tourist attraction, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers definitely deserves a place on any traveller's must-see list.

Desert Castles

Another fun and interesting activity holidaymakers can enjoy during their sojourn in Jordan is a guided tour of one or more of the country's many fascinating desert castles. These structures provide an intriguing glance into early Islamic life during the Umayyad Dynasty, which commenced in 750 AD. These castles and fortresses are architectural wonders and feature impressive works of art as ancient as Jordan itself. They are found peppered throughout the eastern Jordanian desert, and make a wonderful option for those in search of the unique way to spend the day.

Jordan Sacred Burial Grounds

Jordan is also home to the sacred burial grounds of many of the Prophet Mohammed's companions, including Zeid bin Al-Haritha, Ja'far bin Abi Talib and Ubu Ubaydah. In addition, it is also believed that approximately 30,000 famous military leaders and Muslim martyrs are buried at the site as well.

Shopping and Dining

Shopping and dining out are fun activities in Jordan. There is a seemingly endless number of restaurants where patrons can find a variety of cuisine, including traditional Mediterranean fare, seafood, Western dishes and Asian food. Popular favourites include the Captain's Restaurant, the Haret Jdoudna and the Lebanese House. For breakfast or a great buffet, the Basin Restaurant and the Al Saraya Buffet are great choices.

Those in search of souvenirs or other items to take home after their holiday will discover that Jordan is a great place for shopping. There is a broad range of stores, boutiques, and open air markets in various areas of the country, and patrons will find everything from silver jewellery and embroidered cloth, to mosaics, homemade soaps and herbal infusions. There are also many handmade items for sale in many of the marketplaces and souqs, which are created by women in community-based co-ops and sold at very reasonable prices.

Best Time to Visit

Fortunately, holidaymakers can travel to Jordan at essentially any time of the year, as temperatures are typically mild and Jordan boasts approximately seven to eight months of abundant sunshine. However, temperatures often drop in the evening, and the months of March and November are sometimes quite rainy. Regardless of which activities and attractions one finds most appealing, a holiday in historic, beautiful Jordan is a great choice.

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