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Mauritius Holidays

Mauritius holidays benefits from the trade winds that modify the tropical island's weather and generate year-round sunshine and comfort. The island offers miles of beaches, world-class deep-sea fishing, snorkelling in azure waters around the Grand Baie Reef and diving and sailing in a setting that Mark Twain suggested was the model for paradise. Landlubbers will love the impressive golf courses with stunning ocean views, shopping for jewellery and handicrafts made by talented local artisans, viewing spectacular tropical mountains and waterfalls and enjoying gourmet cuisine that includes fusion elements of Indian, French, Creole and Chinese influences.

Cities in this African island nation offer cultural, recreational and relaxing activities for couples, beach addicts, water-sports enthusiasts or a Mauritius honeymoon. Uplifting native music, multicultural seafood dishes, quaint fishing villages, historical fortresses, spectacular scenery and proper, British-style driving on the left make your holiday here singularly attractive. Discover the islands that nurtured the now-extinct dodo bird, and visit nearby Round Island to see seven or eight species of native reptiles, giant tortoises and colonies of birds that breed exclusively in the Madagascar-area islands of the Indian Ocean.


Things to Do and See in Mauritius

Your biggest problem is finding the willpower to leave Mauritius's incredibly beautiful beaches to see and do other things than relax while enjoying drinks made from the island's signature rum. Sugar-cane fields, tea plantations and religious temples, mosques and churches are spread throughout the island, so hiring a car makes good sense for getting the most from your holiday. Winding, mist-laden roads reveal signature treasures such as tea plantations, rugged panoramic scenery, surfing beaches and sugar-cane fields. You might prefer water-sports, nature hikes or visiting local festivals to experience the colourful Mauritian folklore where you can take part in the Sega dance. Things to see and do on the island include:

- Tour the reefs while seafaring on a semisubmersible boat.

- Visit the Casela Bird Park in the Rivière Noire district where you can view more than 140 species from five continents.

- Take a safari to see lions, cheetahs and tigers living in their natural state.

- Enjoy a boating trip where you can swim with dolphins and view whales.

- Visit Leisure Village Waterpark at Belle Mare to experience the island's most beautiful beach.

- Shop where residents gather in the island's most extensive outdoor market.

- Take a horseback ride on the beach, and swim with beautiful, calm horses.

- Horseback racing enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to the Champ de Mars, one of the oldest racecourses in the world.

All Inclusive Mauritius Hotels

Mauritius has many all-inclusive hotel options including boutique hotels, resorts that feature golf and diving adventures, properties that showcase Creole architecture and family-style resorts with comprehensive ranges of activities for everyone. Choose a lavish resort, 'barefoot chic' hotel, or honeymoon haven with activities designed for romance. All-inclusive properties in this island destination save money and help to eliminate the stress of planning activities and itineraries.

Mauritius Culinary and Cultural Diversity

The cultural melting pot of breathtaking Mauritius has attracted people from Muslim, Hindu, Chinese, Creole, Indian and European backgrounds, so the small nation hosts many festivals and colourful celebrations throughout the year. Dates vary, so check with your booking agent or Internet resource for exact dates. Festivals include:

1. Chinese Spring Festival

This festival takes place in January or February and features abundant foods and firecracker exhibitions.

2. Maha Shivratree Hindu Festival

Honouring the Hindu god Siva, this festival occurs in February or March and includes Hindu devotees dressed in white while carrying arches covered in flowers.

3. Eid ul-Fitr Muslim Festival

This festival, which occurs in October or March, marks the end of Ramadan with great rejoicing, thanksgiving and celebration.

4. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This celebration on 15 August becomes a public holiday in odd years but is replaced in even years with All Saints Day on 1 November.

The multiple cultural influences have created exotic fusion cuisines, and the street fare is among the most exciting in the world. French culture popularised dishes like coq au vin, Salad Niçoise, bouillon, daube and civet de lièvre. Indian dishes include curry, rougaille and chutney. Asian restaurants offer traditional Chinese cuisine, crispy chicken and squid and hakien, a local version of spring rolls that uses a flour-based batter instead of the traditional wrapping.

Best Time to Visit

Although Mauritius promotes itself for year-round tourism, most people choose the destination for winter getaways. The peak season for people-watching runs from October to April, but budget-conscious travellers can save from 30% to 50% by visiting during the temperate winters from May to September. Subject to microclimates, the island has a rainy season but doesn't get monsoons. You might get some rain where you travel, but the sun could be shining just a few minutes away.

Holidays to Mauritius offer clear waters, majestic mountain ranges, luxurious resorts and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Diverse culture, cuisine and holidaymaker activities make his destination one of the greatest places for enjoying natural wonders and affordable adventuring.

Mauritius Holidays

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