Europe Holidays

Europe Holidays

Europe is one of the world's most travelled to destinations. From its glorious scenery and interesting attractions to its diversified culture, epic history and outstanding architecture, its top ranking as a holiday location should not come as a surprise to anyone. Whether one visits the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, the romantic Italian lakes or the panorama of the Swiss Alps, it is impossible not to be impressed with the area's unique characteristics. Europe holidays offer something for everyone, and the following are some useful facts about this unforgettable destination.

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Outstanding Scenery

Europe is home to diverse scenery that includes the valleys of Loire, the step-like plains of central Spain, the rugged Scottish Highlands with lochs and glens, the bright lights of Paris and London and the incomparable fjords of Norway. Travellers can also strike out on roads less traveled, such as the beautiful Black and Baltic Seas with their rugged coastlines, or the unspoiled mountain ranges of northern Italy and Switzerland.

Activities and Attractions

Virtually any European country is a good choice for a holiday. There is a virtually limitless number of activities in this colourful part of the world. These include shopping in Glasgow, Scotland, touring the Palace of Versailles, enjoying a festival in Barcelona, Spain, or taking advantage of photo-opportunities at the Vatican in Rome. Below are some additional attractions and activities that are worthy of one's must-see list.

Art Museums

Europe is home to the world's most talked-about museums. The Prado Museum, the Hermitage, the Louvre and the Uffizi Gallery top the list, although all European countries have at least one museum worthy of any visitor's time.

Fjords of Norway and the Italian Lakes

Norway boasts hundreds of fjords, and these glacier-formed natural wonders are an unforgettable sight. The Lysefjord, Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord are great choices for first-time visitors.

In Italy, Lake Como, Maggiore Lake and Lake Lugano await romantic travellers who have their choice of a daytime sail or a moonlit excursion.

Castles and Palaces

Europe is peppered with royal palaces and feudal castles, from Kilkenny Castle in Ireland to Germany's fairy-tale-like Neuschwanstein Castle. Visitors interested in touring a castle or palace can learn a bit about Europe's past, as each structure has its own historical significance.

Canal Tours

The canals of Amsterdam and Venice are renowned around the world and Europe Holidays are not complete without at least one excursion of this type. From colourful Venice, where boats and canoes are the only form of travel, to the delightful canals of Amsterdam lined with Dutch row houses, no one should miss a canal tour when visiting Europe.

Dining and Entertainment

Europe boasts some of the world's best nightlife as well. Famous entertainers and renowned DJs keep the party alive in Paris, London and Berlin, all of which are cities that offer world-class entertainment.

Other terrific areas for a boisterous nightlife include Madrid, Budapest, Belgrade, and Santorini. Those looking for more laid back locations can add the cafes of Vienna and the pubs of Dublin to their itinerary.

However, partygoers can also celebrate during the day, by attending one of the continent's many celebrations and festivals, from concerts in ancient amphitheatres to city parades and special outdoor events.

Europe holidays are also culinary adventures, and visitors have a broad range of choices with something to please every palate. From Irish corned beef and cabbage and haggis in Scotland, to gyros in Santorini or traditional Sicilian pizza, there is something to satisfy every taste bud.

European holidays offer the memories of a lifetime, and the continent's rich diversity makes it appealing to essentially any traveller. Regardless of which countries and cities a person wishes to visit while on holiday in Europe, his or her experience will never be forgotten.

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