Tobago Holidays

Tobago Holidays

Tobago holidays provide a rare glimpse into history and plantation life that the more industrialized Trinidad doesn't offer. Named Bella Forma (beautifully formed) by Christopher Columbus, Tobago was renamed by nomadic tribes of Arawaks and Caribs after the tobacco they used to smoke in clay pipes. Change is a common theme in the island's history, which has changed hands 31 times and was fought over by Britain, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and even Latvia, just to name a few. The reason becomes clear during a visit to the rainforest, coast, waterfalls and dramatic cliffs that soar high above the Caribbean.

Tobago attractions for holiday making include championship golf, modern tourist amenities, stunning coral reefs, religious festivals, Caribbean hospitality, calypso music and remote unspoilt beaches that are in a class that includes few other destinations.

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Tobago Overview

The Trinidad Connection

Trinidad and Tobago are like city and country cousins, and even Trinidad citizens unwind and escape the pressures of big-city life by visiting Tobago. The rainforests, beaches and villages provide lots of entertainment options and spectacular scenery, and the small island's hospitality to visitors is unmatched anywhere.

Best Time to Visit Tobago

Like all Caribbean islands, you will enjoy fair weather when you visit unless you get caught in a rare tropical storm. Visitors can expect 12 hours of sunshine per day on the beautiful beaches. Average temperatures across the year range from 27° to 33° Celsius. Among the most southerly of the Caribbean islands, Tobago is truly a paradise that escapes the paths of hurricanes and has no summer or winter---only wet and dry seasons. The dry season runs from January to May; the period from June to September, which is hurricane season for most Caribbean islands, only brings a mix of afternoon rain and sun to Tobago.

Tobago's Attractions

Tobago holidays offer white, gold and black sand, quiet fishing villages, deep-sea and offshore fishing and bird-watching in various habitats such as tropical mangrove swamps, coastal areas and a UNESCO listed rainforest. Azure waters and mild temperatures make all types of water-based sports and recreation popular year-round. Attractions of holidays to Tobago include:


Crusoe's Cave

Although Robinson Crusoe was a fictional character, Defoe supposedly based his work on the real-life shipwreck and 1709 rescue of Alexander Selkirk. Natives swear that the cave on Crown Point is the real cave where Selkirk spent 28 years. Crown Point provides many restaurants, resorts and entertainment, so Tobago holidays centred around Crusoe's Cave are an attractive option.

Fort King George

This historic fort is the only intact fortification built during the colonial period between 1777 and 1779. Tobago holidays, rich in recreational activities, also offer cultural attractions like this sizeable fort and Tobago Museum that feature military relics, watercolour paintings by Sir William Young, Amerindian artefacts, a geology exhibit and maps drawn in the 1600s. The fort offers dramatic views of the harbour, well-kept grounds and a view of cannon emplacements along the stone walls.

Argyle Falls

This premier waterfall cascades in a triple-tiered fall on the Argyle River near Roxborough Village. The trail from the Windward Main Road takes 20 minutes to hike, but visitors can rest and cool off in the natural pools along the way while viewing exotic birds, breathtaking rain forest and an astonishing mix of spiders, butterflies, lizards and snakes.

Moravian Churches in Black Rock and Spring Garden

Early missionaries to Tobago constructed identical Moravian churches in these villages incorporating wood-shingled walls, limestone foundations and hipped roofs.

Sugar Plantation Ruins

Sugar plantations dominated Tobago commerce until the early 1900s, and big sugar plantations remain with rusted machinery and crumbling walls. Visitors can view a dramatic scene at the plantation near Speyside---ruins of a big iron waterwheel.

Kimme Museum

A private museum featuring distinctive pieces from the art of Louise Kimme, the Kimme Museum houses 100 of Kimme's figurines and other works including embroidery and bronzes.

Culinary Scene in Tobago

The restaurant scene in Tobago is expanding rapidly as a foodie haven and includes many small eateries that feature fusion cuisine, tapas, Tobagonian and Caribbean dishes, and European, Asian and American cuisines. Visitors should try the local speciality of curried crab and dumplings. Other popular island favourites include coconut chicken, rum-roasted pork, peppered fish salad with banana salsa and jerk chicken. Fresh seafood dishes are always popular and include lobster, shrimp, crab, king-fish, grouper, mahi-mahi and conch. Tobago's upmarket restaurants feature astonishing ambience including outdoor dining in landscaped gardens and the ruins of colonial plantations.

Holidays to Tobago offer one of the most environmentally friendly paradises in the world. Unspoiled and less crowded than Trinidad, Tobago offers visitors tours of the rainforest, beautiful beaches, cultural history, and extraordinary bird-watching of up to 260 species of birds, including 6 types of humming bird. Enjoy a holiday on the island that inspired Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe"---you might want to stay for 28 years or so.

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