Bahamas Holidays

Bahamas Holidays

The Bahamas Islands encompass 700 islands and 2,000 cays in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, and the destination is only 80 kilometers off the southern coast of Florida and the United States. A protected playground for celebrities and rich travellers, Bahamas holidays appeal to anyone who enjoys sailing, boating, casino gaming, relaxing on the beach, swimming, diving, fishing and golfing.

Home to some of the world's largest destination resorts, the nation's capital of Nassau offers high-end shopping, entertainment complexes, pristine coral reefs, unmatched snorkeling and diving, high-profile festivals that attract international guests, beach parties, world-class music and distinctive sporting events.

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Bahamas Overview

When To Visit

The sun shines on a remarkably high average of 340 days per year, and the favourable trade winds ensure that temperatures seldom drop below 21-degrees Celsius. The highest amounts of rainfall come during hurricane season between June and November, but most of the rains fall in September and October. July and August get pretty hot---just as you'd expect at the beach---and temperatures range between highs of 29- and 35-degrees Celsius. The Bahamas are perfect for spring, fall and winter cruises, spring breaks and winter holidays. The Bahamas International Film Festival is held in early December for film fans from around the world, making late fall an ideal time to book your holiday.

Bahamas Hotels Offer Diverse Choices

Bahamas hotels include five-star resorts that pamper visitors shamelessly, but the diverse Islands feature international hotels, boutique properties, value-based guest houses and intimate rentals for couples. Choose from hundreds of accommodation options to suit your budget, holiday preferences and social style.

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Weather in Bahamas

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Bahamas' Beaches

Many respected travel publications name Bahamas beaches as the best in the world, and the Treasure Cay Beach in The Abacos probably ranks as the most famous. Visitors can choose from high-profile and secluded beaches on the more than 2,000 islands and cays where the waters are the clearest in the world. You'll find celebrities and wealthy tourists sharing the sand with locals and tourists from all social classes. Top Bahamas beaches include:

1. Cable Beach on New Providence Island

2. Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island

3. Xanadu Beach on the Grand Bahama Island

4. Ten Bay Beach on Eleuthera

5. Tahiti Beach in Hopetown, Elbow Cay, Abacos


Signature Attractions in the Bahamas

Bahamas holidays offer the classic beach activities, expansive gold courses and bustling markets that discerning tourists expect. If you prefer active pursuits, the Islands offer kid-friendly attractions, hiking in the Lucayan National Park, diving among coral reefs and swimming with dolphins on Grand Bahama Island. Other exciting attractions in the Bahamas include:

- Grand Bahama Island

The closest big island to the United States, Grand Bahama Island is a preferred destination for tourists and boaters. The island has many all-inclusive resorts, the world's largest underwater system of caves and three national parks.

- Bikini Island

Bimini Island hosts deep-sea fishing tournaments and served as Hemingway's summer fishing getaway for several years.

- Andros

The largest landmass in the Bahamas, Andros has the third largest barrier reef in the world and many underwater caves for divers to explore. A vast system of channels creates wetlands that are perfect for boating and fishing.

- Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral in down-town Nassau is the fifth church to occupy this prime Caribbean location. Tablets on the walls document the trials that Nassau citizens have faced for more than 150 years. The Lord Proprietors commissioned a church at this site in 1670, making it the first church to be built in the Bahama Islands.

- Junkanoo

Junkanoo, pronounced "John Canoe," is the island's biggest festival and celebration that features colourful costumes, banners, parades and street partying. Occurring on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, the celebration includes a smorgasbord of sound, colour and festivity.

- Atlantis

This glitzy resort evokes the legend of Atlantis and dominates Paradise Island's skyline. Attractions include the popular 141-acre Aquaventure, an electrifying water park, and many shops, entertainment venues and restaurants.

Dining Options in the Bahamas

Cuisine in the Bahamas centres on spicy preparations made from local meats, produce and abundant seafood. Conch is served uncooked with lime juice and spices, added to soups, salads and stews and made into fritters. Rock lobster, fish, and land crabs feature prominently on restaurant menus in baked, broiled, fried and steamed dishes. The Islands take great pride in concocting run drinks and punches using Caribbean rum in an array of creative tropical beverages. Culinary influences come from a steady stream of immigrants from other Caribbean islands, Spain, Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom. Fish and grits are a popular menu item, and local fruits and vegetables include exotic black pineapples, cassava, plantains, bananas, coconut, sweet potatoes, beans and maize. Local seafood choices include grouper, crayfish and snapper.

Holidays to Bahamas include all-inclusive resorts, friendly people, mind-blowing beaches, incredibly scenic natural attractions, family-friendly activities, romantic escapes and world-class golf and water-based sports. Visit sleepy fishing villages, enjoy exciting night-life options and explore the reefs in crystal waters of remarkable transparency.

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