St Lucia Holidays

St Lucia Holidays

This mountainous gem that rises from the Caribbean like an emerald tooth offers ideal honeymoons, wedding venues, family activities and traditional beach pursuits for discerning holidaymakers. Great scuba diving, sailing, deep-sea fishing and sensuous beach romances make St Lucia holidays among the most popular in the Caribbean. Visitors enjoy the island's reputation for high-profile international jazz concerts from accomplished musicians. Featuring the world's only drive-through volcano, St Lucia pulses with a unique vibe from its banana plantations to its impressive volcanic peaks.

St Lucia holidays have all the traditional activities that a postcard-perfect Caribbean island could offer: magnificent waterfalls, tropical rain forests, historic plantations, jungle-dressed volcanic mountains, wild orchids and astonishing coral reefs. Scattered with cocoa, mango, coconut and banana plantations, the island has thousands of square kilometres of pristine rain forest, undeveloped beaches, historic architecture and romantic retreats.

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St. Lucia Overview

Best Time for Holidays to St Lucia

St Lucia is temperate year-round, but May and June could be the best months to visit, especially for romance. Temperatures stay at a comfortable 23-degrees Celsius, room rates are low and family excursions and crowding are less common. Music lovers can enjoy the St Lucia Jazz Festival at Pigeon Island National Park. The busiest season for St Lucia tourism is from December to April when crowds are huge and prices are the highest of the year. You can save even more by booking a holiday from July to November, but you do risk the Atlantic hurricane season. However, street festivals, carnivals, steel-drum competitions, sailing activities and rich wildlife adventures make summer an exciting time to visit the island.

Culinary Influences in St Lucia

St Lucia's past includes culinary influences from the Caribs, Amerindians and Arawaks, but Creole, French and British cuisines figure prominently in the country's culinary style that has increasingly attracted attention from international food critics, travel magazines and upmarket culinary competitions. African influences enhance the native Creole dishes and bountiful seafood choices, and the result includes pepperpot stews, etouffées, curries and Creole-inspired entrées. The island grows six varieties of bananas, pineapples, mangoes, guavas, coconuts, papayas and soursops. Callaloo soup is the country's national dish, which is made from a leafy vegetable like spinach. Visitors can find gourmet restaurants that specialise in European, Chinese, Indian and Creole foods, and plenty of Western-style fast food choices are available for budget-conscious and busy travellers.

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Weather in St Lucia

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Attractions for Everyone

Holidays to St Lucia offer unique activities for everyone including families, couples and single travellers.

- Rain Forest Adventures

Join a hike, safari, tour or bike ride under the jungle canopy.

- Beaches

You can find an ideal beach regardless of whether you love nature, surfing, swimming, people-watching or water sports.


- Urban Excitement

Castries, the capital city, offers night clubs, entertainment venues, cultural attractions and historic sites from the island's rich history.

- Pigeon Island

This national park serves as a living museum of pirate history in the Caribbean.

St Lucia for Romance and Honeymoons

Famous for spas, weddings and honeymoons, St Lucia holidays bloom with tranquil tropical gardens, breathtaking beauty and intimate adventures that are ideal for romance. Consistently ranked as the top honeymoon destination in the Caribbean by various magazines and travel agencies, St Lucia has tropical beach gazebos, posh suites, intense pampering at the island's many spas and an ideal atmosphere to spark or rekindle romance. Romantic cruises from St Lucia explore the beautiful Grenadine Islands and offer picture-perfect views of St Lucia's emerald-green profile. Hotels on the island offer spacious suites, rooftop gardens, pools and terraces, landscaped grounds and picturesque beaches for sunbathing, relaxation and romance. Couples can find exclusive adult-only resorts, boutique properties and spa resorts that are perfect for romance, honeymoons and wedding parties.

Astonishingly Rich Pastimes for Children

Activities for children on holidays to St Lucia include genuinely exciting pursuits for even the most jaded kids. Riding bicycles through the jungle is a great way to organize family time that everyone will remember and treasure for a lifetime. Open-air tram rides take families from the forest floor to the canopy where bizarre plants, birds, mammals and reptiles create an entirely alien world. Visiting a sugar plantation transports families to the 1700s when giant metal pots transformed sugar into syrupy molasses. Tarzan admirers can swing through the jungle while pounding their chests courtesy of the zip lines that criss-cross the forest. Horseback riding on the beach, seeing the period costumes at St Lucia plantations and renting a cottage at an active UNESCO site, the Fond Doux Estate, are among the unique possibilities for family quality time.

Holidays to St Lucia sparkle with secluded coves, romantic hideaways, sheltering cliffs and golden sand. Ideal for kindling romance, finding hotspots for water-borne activities like kite-surfing, touring tropical rain forests and mountain-biking through lush green wildernesses, St Lucia holidays offer the essential Caribbean experience and much more for travelling aficionados, history and culture fans and families looking for unique experiences that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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