America Holidays

America Holidays

America is a place everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime.

The America experience encompasses so many things -- redwood forests and snow-covered peaks; deserts and canyons; vast plains and lakes, and the open road; and a host of extraordinary and vibrant cities, each with its own inimitable brand of culture and lifestyle.

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Nobody could ever claim to have seen all of America, but everyone should see at least part of it. From the theme parks of Florida to the peaks of Yosemite, there really is something for everyone in the USA, and for this reason, it’s the perfect road trip destination.

Ways to See America

There are several different methods you can use to experience the United States of America (USA). You can just concentrate on one or two areas for a holiday -- for instance, just booking a holiday in Orlando, Florida, or staying with friends.

Many people choose to do a coast-to-coast trip, either by rail, or by Greyhound Bus -- a great way to see the country. You can also hire a car and hit the open road, which often gives you the best opportunity to see the hidden corners and unexpected wonders of this incredible country.

East to West

When doing a coast-to-coast trip, most people start at the east coast and travel westwards. The starting point is usually a major eastern city like Boston, Massachusetts, or New York City -- it obviously makes sense to spend a few days here before setting off, and either of these cities has a huge amount to offer.


In Boston you can spend a day or several days walking the famous Freedom Trail, enjoying all the delights along the way along this 2.5 walk. The walk brings together 16 significant historical sites to give you a real cultural insight of the city.

New York

New York. The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps.

Everyone wants to visit New York at least once in their life, to experience Broadway, the excellent shopping, Central Park, and to live out all their movie fantasies, or maybe take an afternoon to explore jaw-dropping architecture such as the Empire State Building.

While in New York,the choice is endless .Explore some of the world-renowned attractions and areas below for an unforgettable big city experience:

On the opposite coast, you will arrive ready to explore some great western cities:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is often referred as Sin City due to the destination’s reputation as the world’s entertainment capital. Explore the endless casinos, award-winning restaurants and unique shows up and down the famous strip. Whether you’re visiting to tick-off the destination on your bucket list, celebrate an occasion or to let off some steam – Las Vegas will be an experience you’ll never forget.


San Francisco is probably best known for it’s spectacular Golden Gate Bridge. Other well-known features include their successful San Francisco Giants baseball team, and the city’s reputation as the home of Alcatraz. These attractions mean that your itinerary will be hugely memorable

Don’t forget to visit Los Angeles and experience life as an A-Lister. Los Angeles is famed as the home of Hollywood, so a trip here will enable you to discover the Hollywood Hills, shop on Melrose Avenue or take a tour of the celebrity homes – the choice is yours.

Sunshine State

Probably one of America’s most popular holiday destinations, Florida is known as the Sunshine State due to it’s fantastic sunny weather. The Sunshine State is situated right down in the South and is so popular due to it’s flexibility: this destination really has something for all types of holidaymaker.

Florida’s location, jutting out between the Gulf of Mexico and the Bahamas, guarantees near year-round sunshine and balmy temperatures, while its beauty and wealth of unique attractions keep people coming back.

Florida is of course known as the place to go for theme parks, including Walt Disney World,Universal Studios and fantastic waterparks such as Adventure Island, but areas like the Florida Keys and the Everglades extract thousands of tourists every year with their amazing wildlife. These attractions are absolutely must-see places. Not to mention - Florida also boasts an unlimited number of some of the most incredible beaches in the world. It’s not hard to see why this state as popular as it is, with all this on offer.

Incredible National Parks

The USA is especially well known for its spectacular national parks, of which there are nearly 400 across the country. Some of the best known are in the west, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Rocky Mountain National Park. The Rocky Mountain National Park alone has 416 million acres of wildly beautiful wilderness, with more than 355 miles of hiking trails.

One place that is regarded as a must-see is the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona, one of the natural wonders of the world, offering some of the most sensational scenery on the planet.

There are plenty of companies arranging trips there, usually from Las Vegas or Phoenix, either for a day or for several days, and you can view the canyon either from above, by visiting either the South Rim or the North Rim, or, preferably, from below, by rafting the Colorado River -- this gives you the best sense of its awe-inspiring nature. The South Rim is more touristy, or you can escape the crowds by camping or hiking at the North Rim.

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