Agadir Holidays

Agadir Holidays

A busy port town that was completely rebuilt in the1960s, Agadir is now a favourite Moroccan holiday destination. It is Morocco's top location for great weather, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. Designed as a large grid of downtown streets, the city is easy to navigate and its lovely beachfront promenade is where Moroccan culture comes to life.

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Activities and Attractions

Agadir Beach

Agadir's top attraction is its broad, white beaches that stretch on for miles. Arching south of the large Marina, the shoreline enjoys abundant sunshine approximately 300 days a year and the water is virtually always warm and calm. Agadir Beach is the ideal area in which to get some sun or participate in various water sports, such as jetskiing, sailing, surfing and body boarding.

Valley of the Birds

The Valley of the Birds is a free admission wildlife preserve that is home to hundreds of exotic birds and animals. The establishment is open from 9 AM until 5 PM daily. There is also an expansive garden on the property, which is a beautiful place for travellers to relax and unwind before continuing their sightseeing excursion.

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Crocaparc is a terrific destination for any adventurous holidaymaker. The main entrance of the park is marked with a huge crocodile head carved into stone. Friendly guides take visitors through the farm to observe the hundreds of Nil crocodiles that live on the premises. The park is filled with a wide variety of interesting plants and unique trees as well. The establishment is open throughout the year, and group rates are available.


Agadir boasts three state-of-the-art golf courses that rival facilities in any world-class resort town. Buses run from most hotels to the area's courses, and therefore transportation to and from the greens is usually not a problem.

Agadir Oufella Ruins

The ruins of Agadir Oufella have long been a favourite landmark among holidaymakers visiting Agadir. This attraction is the perfect area in which to enjoy panoramic views of the city. The ruins themselves are also quite impressive, and guided tours are available.

Amazigh Heritage Museum

The Amazigh Heritage Museum is located in Agadir's pedestrian area, and is difficult to miss due to its striking mud-style construction and ornate front doors. The Museum features an excellent collection of Berber carpets, pottery, and doors made from intricately carved wood. The establishment is also home to interesting collections featuring locally made items, as well as traditional displays of Berber jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets and hair ornaments.


Shopping and Dining

The Souk El Had boasts over 3000 stalls and offers holidaymakers everything from produce and spices, to leather goods, apparel and tourist souvenirs. Most prices are negotiable and stallholders are typically happy to bargain with visitors.

Dining is also a highly enjoyable activity in Agadir, and eateries can be found to please essentially any taste bud. Those travelling on a budget should visit the Nouveau Talbourjt district where wholesome food is offered for competitive prices. The Lune et les Etoiles is also a great choice for budget travellers, as are many of the seafront cafés and chain restaurants. Fish restaurants abound in the city as well, and establishments serving Thai, Japanese and traditional Moroccan cuisine are also readily available.

In the Uniprix district, mid-range priced restaurants can be found, including American eateries and even pizzerias. The Batoir district offers everything from fine dining to soup and sandwich cafés and juice bars. Depending on the time of day, holidaymakers will also encounter vendors selling grilled corn, snails, bowls of soup and pancakes.

At the far end of the beach boardwalk, holidaymakers can enjoy a fresh fish meal from one of the many fish markets that are scattered around the port.


Agadir's weather is dry and rainfall is usually quite scarce. The average summer temperature is 27 degrees Celsius and winters rarely drop below 23 degrees Celsius. Even during the heat of the summer, cool breezes from the sea make Agadir more comfortable than many other Moroccan cities.


Darija, a variant of traditional Arabic, is the primary language in Agadir, although classic Arabic, Berber and Tashelhit are also commonly spoken. Beautiful beaches, endless food options, and pleasant weather make Agadir a great holiday destination virtually any time of year.

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