Morocco Holidays

Morocco Holidays

Morocco is a country located in northern Africa. It borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and is situated directly across the Strait of Gibraltar. Approximately a two hour flight from Europe's major metropolitan areas, the country has become increasingly popular over the past few decades as a fun and convenient holiday destination. Moroccans are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness, and typically enjoy showing their country to tourists, which can greatly enhance one's holiday.

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Activities and Attractions

Hot Air Balloon Rides

A must-see for Moroccan visitors, hot air balloon excursions take guests soaring over the Atlas Mountains, where some of Earth's most enchanting scenery can be viewed. Tours of this kind are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and are guaranteed to please anyone who relishes adventure. Flight certificates are often given to visitors as a free souvenir depicting their experience.


The Atlas Mountains are a favoured hiking destination among both tourists and local residents. Rising to over 4000 metres in certain places, the great Atlas Mountains dominate the entire country. Ameln Valley is popular among hiking enthusiasts as well, and whichever path one chooses, the hiking excursion of a lifetime awaits.

Day Trip to Essaouira

Originally constructed by the Portuguese in the 1700s, Essaouira is a famous seaside town featuring multiple fishing ports. The town is a terrific day trip for those who want to temporarily escape the noise and bustle of the Morocco's larger imperial cities. The colourful boats and intriguing alleyways add to its charming nature, and visitors can follow their own paths to vendors stalls, traditional eateries or the sparkling shoreline. Guests can also enjoy exploring the village's shoreside fortress in the ancient town of Essa, which is situated just off the coast.

Old Fes

Morocco's former capital is Old Fes, and it is still the country's third-largest city. In addition, it is also home to the University of Al-Karaouine, which is the world’s oldest university. Elaborate architecture, breathtaking medinas, exotic streets, adobe homes, thriving souks, and beautifully embellished courtyards all make the city unique. The historic Chaouwara Tanneries and the Merenid Tombs are also established in Old Fes, which are two landmarks worth seeing.


Museums and Mosques

The Tetouan Archaeological Museum is situated in the centre of Tetouan and features multiple collections obtained from North Morocco digs in the early 1900s. The museum's entrance begins in a garden consisting of five magnificent mosaics dating back to the 2nd century. A collection of Roman amphorae, millstones and marble are also on display in the museum.

Holidaymakers should consider spending some time at the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities in Tangiers. Both museums are expansive and well worth a visit. The Sidi Bou Abib Mosque and the Tangier Grand Mosque are open to tourists, and these historical landmarks are outstanding examples of true Islamic architecture. Most museums and mosques in Morocco are opened 365 days a year.

Shopping and Dining

Dining options in Morocco are vast, and include elegant, trendy and relaxed establishments. For example, the Blanco Riad is a charming, upscale eatery that features some of Morocco's most innovative dishes. A big change from the conventional Tajine menu, restaurants of this kind are known for unique options. The Ruined Garden is an innovative new restaurant built into a lovely garden and showcasing a large fireplace. This trendy café style eatery offers many authentic Moroccan dishes, as well as Chinese, Western and European fare.

There are essentially two types of shopping categories in Morocco, which are large malls or outlets, and street vendors. The latter specifically target tourists, and will often negotiate prices, whilst outlets or shopping malls cater primarily for local residents and prices are usually 'fixed.'


Temperatures in Morocco are typically agreeable, regardless of the time of year one plans to visit. However, the climate during winter and spring is considered preferable to the hot temperatures generally experienced during summer and autumn.


The two official languages of Morocco are Berber, also called Amazigh, and Modern Standard Arabic. However, visitors will also hear French and Moroccan Arabic. English is sometimes spoken, but Westerners should not rely on English alone when visiting the country. A terrific place for a holiday, most travellers will thoroughly enjoy a trip to Morocco.

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