Casablanca Holidays

Casablanca Holidays

Casablanca is the largest metropolis in Morocco, as well as its main port. It offers visitors excellent sightseeing and shopping opportunities, and tasty fare. Essentially all travellers can enjoy an exciting and interesting holiday in the cultural and religious melting pot of Casablanca.

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Activities and Attractions

Boulevard Mohammed V

In the first several decades of the 20th century, European architects were allowed to build their most intricate and complicated designs, which resulted in a popular collection of Art Deco landmarks. A walk down Boulevard Mohammed V is the best way to view the beautiful showcase of under buildings sporting floral friezes, wrought iron balconies and other ornate creations. On the Rue Mohammed el-Qory, just around the corner from Boulevard Mohammed V, is the Cinema Rialto, which is curved in the shape of a ship's bow. Anyone with the slightest interest in architecture will enjoy a stroll through this part of the city.

Park of the Arab League

The Park of the Arab League is also an interesting choice for visitors planning a day of sightseeing. Created in the early 1900s, this park is largest open space in Casablanca, and even features its own palm tree-lined Main Street. Perfect for all types of outdoor activities and the ideal place for a morning or afternoon stroll, the Park offers travellers a chance to relax and unwind amidst Africa's botanical wonders.

Villa of Arts Museum and Gallery

Visitors who enjoy art galleries should add the Villa of Arts Museum and Gallery to their list of must-see attractions. This museum boasts contemporary artwork and is home to more than 800 of its own pieces, as well as transient exhibits hosted by local sculptors and artists. The structure in which the museum is located is a beautiful Art Deco building itself, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. Hosting a broad range of cultural and artistic events, the Villa of Arts Museum and Gallery appeals to both local residents and visitors throughout the year.

Shopping and Dining

Casablanca's medina is the best shopping area for tourists as well as those who are native to the city. It is situated in Casablanca's old walled section and is filled with a significant number of boutiques and tiny shops. Bargains can be found on items such as electronics, apparel, jewellery, produce and spices. Shoppers will also find authentic, handmade crafts and antique items. The Marche Central Marketplace is also a great location for serious shoppers, which is situated on the aforementioned Boulevard Muhammad V.

Also called the New Medina, the Quartier des Habous is located in the southeast corner of the city and is stocked with handicrafts, authentic Berber rugs, vintage Arabic books, and many other unique and interesting items. All markets in Casablanca are decorated with bright, colourful lights so that shopping need not end when the sun goes down.

Dining is also a fun activity in Casablanca, and travellers quickly discover that fare is available to please virtually anyone. Visitors should consider indulging in a meal at Rick's Café, which was inspired by the classic Hollywood film, Casablanca. Run by a former United States diplomat, the service, decor, and furnishings were carefully designed to re-create the ambiance of the movie. The menu offers authentic Moroccan fare, as well as American and Spanish dishes. However, this restaurant is a favourite among tourists and residents alike, and therefore reservations are a necessity.

The Sqala Café could not be lovelier and is another good choice for those searching for a simple, but elegant restaurant in which to enjoy traditional Moroccan dishes. Both Moroccan and French style meals are offered, and the restaurant is also open for breakfast and lunch. For those who prefer Mediterranean fare, La Bodega is a wise choice. This casual eatery offers tasty Spanish and Greek dishes in a fun, lively setting, complete with a dance floor, live music and a friendly atmosphere.


Casablanca holidays are underway throughout the year, but some months offer more pleasant temperatures than others. July, August and September are typically very hot, although summer nights in Casablanca are usually pleasant. Moderate temperatures can be expected from October to May, with December and January being the coldest months.


The Darija dialect of Arabic is spoken by almost all local residents in Casablanca. However, it is not uncommon to hear French and Spanish within the city as well.

Casablanca continues to be a popular holiday destination among both Westerners and Asians, and will likely remain so in the future. Ultimately, this large North African city is a good choice for anyone seeking a diversified area in which to plan a holiday

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