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Situated in South-East Europe, Croatia is bordered by five countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, Serbia, and Slovenia. Whilst many countries border the destination, Croatia is not land-locked, and offers the best of both worlds when it comes to a city escape and a beach break, making the country a great choice for a summer holiday. Croatia’s location, heritage and natural beauty positions the country at the top of many people’s travel wish list. From the stunning coastline to historical and beautiful cityscapes, Croatian holidays have something for everyone.

As the 127th largest country in the world, Croatia can be compared to Ireland in terms of size. Despite its small area, Croatia encapsulates a huge 1,244 islands, islets, and reefs, but the majority are not actually inhabited by people. The largest inhabited island in Croatia is Krk.

Croatia Holidays Destinations

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Over four million residents call the islands of Croatia home, and the vast number of islands in Croatia and their proximity to each other makes island hopping a breeze. This also means that Croatia provides the perfect opportunity for a twin or multi-centre holiday, and the benefits of a multi destination trip are pretty much endless.

With 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 8 National Parks and 11 Nature Parks, Croatia provides visitors with the opportunity to craft the trip of a lifetime. From jeep and horseback safaris to kayaking and sailing, there are plenty fun-filled day trips to be had, providing fun for all the family, solo families, and couples alike.

Where can I visit in Croatia?

Popular destinations in Croatia include Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb and Zadar.

Croatian Weather

The islands of Croatia are subject to a Mediterranean climate, which means that the summer months are dry, warm and full of sunshine, whilst the winter months can be cold and wet. The average temperature in the summer sits around mid-high twenties, which provides the perfect weather for sunbathing and enjoying the beaches of the islands.

For warmer weather, the best time to visit the islands is May, June, September, and October. Peak season in Croatia is the months of July and August, so if you’re looking for a relaxed getaway, it is best to avoid these months.

Things To Do in Croatia

The list of things to do in Croatia is endless. One of the most popular day trip and excursion activities is the exploration of the country’s W8 breath-taking National Parks. These National Parks are not to be missed and are globally renowned for their beauty: one trip just isn’t enough to fit all the wonders of Croatia in.

Croatian National Parks include:

Croatian Cuisine

Exploring the old towns of Croatia will ensure that you come across some of the best food options that the Croatian islands have to offer. Croatian cuisine is not particularly spicy: the national dish of the country is a delicious Croatian Lamb Peka, which is traditionally cooked in an outdoor fireplace. Lamb is cooked together with a mix of vegetables including potatoes and garlic with white wine.

Croatia National Independence Day

On June 25th, 1991, the country of Croatia gained independence from the Republic of Yugoslavia. Croatian National Independence Day is celebrated yearly on this date, with gorgeous flower banquet displays, the ceremonial laying of wreaths on the statues of those who defended the right to Croatian independence.

Croatian Travel Information

The Croatian currency is the Croatian Kuna, which is often abbreviated to HRK, and does not yet accept the Euro as an official currency. To enter the country, a VISA is not required, and if during your trip you find yourself in danger, the number to call is 112.

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