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Turkey is an excellent holiday destination for many reasons: beautiful beaches, impressive architecture, rich history, and delicious cuisine - cementing the country firmly as a holiday favourite. Welcoming over 35 million tourists each year because of the country’s fantastic beaches, beautiful blue seas and family-friendly resorts and attractions, it’s not hard to see why this destination is so popular with so many.

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Offering a range of holiday types including multi-centre, all-inclusive, half-board and tour packages, Turkey is a fantastic year-round destination, with March-June the most comfortable months, and June-September especially good for Istanbul and Cappadocia. Whatever the time of year, you will marvel at the warm friendliness of the people, the breath-taking beauty, and the cultural richness of this unique and very special country.

Situated in the Mediterranean, Turkey basks in beautiful sun from April to October, with temperatures in these months ranging from the low 20 degrees Celsius mark, all the way up to mid-30 degree Celsius.

Known for its affordability and good value for money, you get way more than what you pay for with a trip to Turkey. With a warm welcome from the friendly and hospitable Turkish locals, you are sure to experience the perfect mix of relaxing holiday bliss and traditional cultural heritage for a well-rounded and unforgettable trip. Tourism is particularly important to the Turkish people, and despite some recent attacks and political upheavals, there is not considered to be any threat to visitors, especially away from the capital, so you can be assured that you will be safe during your stay.

Popular Turkish travel destinations include:

Turkey is of course famed for its magnificent coastline, along both the Aegean coast to the West and the Mediterranean coast to the South. The many sandy beaches are simply gorgeous, and incredibly scenic, sandwiched between the turquoise blue sea and the towering Taurus mountain ranges, which drop straight down to the shore. Turkey boasts one of the largest collections of Blue Flag beaches in the world, offering stretches of world-renowned, golden sands at every turn. By far the best way to see this dramatic coast is to take a 4-7 day cruise on a Gulet, a small but luxurious cruise boat that can penetrate right into the spectacular bays and inlets.

Cultural Experiences

The array of cultural experiences on offer in Turkey is next to none, with many tourists choosing to book excursions to traditional spas, ancient heritage sites, Turkish Baths and fascinating Museums – ensuring an action-packed itinerary.


If there's one sight in Turkey above all that must not be missed, it's the extraordinary and awe-inspiring landscapes of Cappadocia in the middle of the country. You can marvel at the historic painted cave churches of its monastic valleys and explore its mysterious underground cities. Most exciting of all, you can fly in a hot-air balloon at dawn over the towering fairy chimneys, formed over millennia to create some of the world's most jaw-dropping scenery.

Ancient Ruins

The whole country is full of historical sites, and the crown jewel is Ephesus, with some of Turkey's best-preserved ruins, including the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the gigantic amphitheatre, and the amazing Library of Celsus.


A few hours from Ephesus is stunning Pamukkale, famous not only for the extensive Roman ruins of Hierapolis, and the Antique Pool with its marble columns, but also for its astonishing series of travertines, or stepped terraces of brilliant white calcium, forming infinity pools of constantly circulating blue waters. You can even visit the walls of the legendary city of Troy, thought to exist only in myth until it was excavated in the 19th century.

Turkish Baths

Also referred to as a “Hammam”, Turkish Baths are perhaps one of Turkey’s most famous leisure-time activities for both locals and tourists alike. Famed for their healing qualities, including weight-reduction, skin cleansing and relaxation, many travels to traditional Turkish bathhouses for this unique cultural experience.

Traditionally, a Turkish bath experience will consist of an initial shower and sauna, thought to rid the body of toxins and outside dirt. You will then be guided into a beautifully and traditionally tiled treatment room, with warm, marble beds in the centre. First, the masseuse, or bath attendant, will scrub your body from head to toe, exfoliating the old and dead skin away to leave you fresh and cleansed. You will then be lead through to the hottest section of the spa, in which you will be greeted by an attendant with a soap-filled cloth for your soap massage to begin.

This experience is often followed by a final shower or wash, and a massage – depending on your treatment package. It is a truly rejuvenating experience that we wholeheartedly recommend during your stay.

Turkish Cuisine

Aside from the world-famous Turkish Delight, or Lokum, which traditionally describe a small but fragrant cube which is dusted with icing sugar and typically flavoured with Rose, Lemon or Orange, the country of Turkey has an amazing array of traditional dishes. Some you will be familiar with, such as Kofte and Kebabs, and some you may never have come across, making the country a must-visit for foodies everywhere.



Adopted by the Western world as a takeaway classic, Turkish kebabs are traditionally made from marinated beef or lamb meat - accompanied by a fresh salad. The most common form of kebab cooked in Turkey is the Sis kebab – pronounced Sheesh, which refers to cooking the meat on a skewer over an open fire.


In Turkish cuisine, a ‘Kofte’ refers to a meatball – typically made from ground beef or lamb. Creating the base of many meals, these meatballs are often flavoured with garlic, spice and breadcrumbs, and are popular not just in Turkey, but globally. These are not to be confused with the above Kebabs, which are formed on skewers.


Gozleme, pronounced “gez-leh-meh”, is a savoury, thinly-rolled dough filled with ingredients such as spinach and meats. The gozleme are then brushed with oils and grilled to create a grilled pastry snack. Found commonly in Turkish street markets, this savoury dish is a local favourite.


A Baklava is a gorgeously layered pastry, filled with nuts and honey. Traditionally made from forty layers of flaky filo pastry and served at room temperature, this sweet treat is thought to date back to the Ottoman empire but is still found in every Turkish bakery and supermarket today.

Golfing Holidays

Turkey is also a hugely popular destination for golf tourism, with five-star golfing resorts situated on the coastline of Antalya and Belek. Offering luxury services, second-to-none hospitality and beautiful golf courses such as Montogomerie, many golf-enthusiasts are frequently choosing Turkey to visit for their golfing excursions.

Turkish Nightlife

The Turkish capital: Istanbul, is famed for its busy nightlife, characterised by late-night parties, fantastic food and lively strips of bars and nightclubs. Aside from the capital, multiple destinations offer this side of Turkey if you’re visiting as a couple or a group – perhaps for a stag or hen do. Alanya, Bodrum and Marmaris all offer a great selection of nightlife.

10 reasons to travel to Turkey

   1. A Historical Treasure Trove
   2. Mystical Natural Landscapes
   3. Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia
   4. Turkish Cuisine
   5. The Labyrinthine Bazaars
   6. World-class Hospitality
   7. Rustic Charm In Off-The-Beaten Destinations
   8. Where East Meets West
   9. The stretch of Turquoise Coast
   10. The Cats of Turkey

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