Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica holidays offer astonishing variety for travellers on the third-largest island in the Caribbean. Beach and water sports options include white-sand beaches for lazing in the sun, water-borne activities like snorkelling, parasailing, kayaking and windsurfing, deep-sea fishing and diving among coral reefs, caverns and an extraordinary variety of sea life. Visitors also enjoy reggae, Bob Marley's laid-back legacy, bustling markets in Kingston and Montego Bay and impressive examples of colonial architecture against the stunning background of the Blue Mountains.

Jamaica hotels offer every level of service and accommodation imaginable including beach villas, all-inclusive deals, budget-friendly places to stay and all-night entertainment options for active travellers.

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Jamaica Overview

Best Time to Visit Jamaica

The best time for Jamaica holidays is from October to the middle of December when temperatures range from 23-degrees Celsius to 29 degrees. Temperatures are consistently warm year-round, but May through November are wet months with occasional bursts of short, heavy showers. Hurricane season runs from June to November when the heat and humidity can be oppressive, but travellers can save on airfares, hotels and entertainment options during off-season visits. The prime tourist season runs from December to April, and you'll experience the biggest crowds, highest prices and the best weather during this time of year.

Things to See and Do in Jamaica

Jamaica holidays will soon offer casinos, and visitors can enjoy visiting Port Royal where pirates once ruled the richest city in the New World. Parks, museums, cultural attractions, nightclubs, festivals and outdoor attractions in Jamaica are far too numerous to see in one trip, so plan your itinerary carefully to make sure that you don't miss your favourites. Some of the most popular attractions include:

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- Bob Marley Centre and Mausoleum

Featuring a gift shop and vegetarian restaurant, the Bob Marley Centre and Mausoleum features the renowned musician's birth and burial sites. Decorated in Rastafarian red, yellow and green, the house's walls sport hand-written notes to the prophet of Reggae.

- Doctor's Cave Beach at Montego Bay

The most famous beach in Jamaica, Doctor's Cave Beach was once owned by British Osteopath Sir Herbert Barker. The beach features nearly white sand, crystal clear waters, sheltered areas for inexperienced swimmers and calm waters. Singles and couples love the beach's proximity to Montego Bay's Gloucester Avenue, known as Jamaica's "Hip Strip."

- Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Oracabessa Bay offers glass bottom boat tours where visitors might see more than 700 species of fish.

- Ochos Rios

Jamaica's north coast has colourful reefs, river falls, stunning mountains and valleys and plenty of opportunities for hiking, climbing, mountain biking and nature tours.

- Rose Hall in Montego Bay

Rose Hall is a Georgian mansion that was built in the 1700s and restored in the 1960s. Legends claim that the ghost of Annie Palmer resides on the grounds and haunts the area. Palmer was the daughter of an English and Irish immigrant, and she was raised in Haiti, learned witchcraft and voodoo and murdered several husbands and slaves. Johnny Cash popularised the tale in "The Ballad of Annie Palmer."

- Jamaica's Musical Scene

Jamaica features dynamic musical venues including the Reggae Sumfest, a three-night dusk-to-dawn festival attended by 10,000 or more fans each year since 1993. Jamaica musical genres include reggae, Jamaican folk music, dancehall, dub music, mento, ska and toasting, a style that eventually became rapping after arriving in New York City.


- Down-town Kingston

Kingston features historic architecture, landmarks and attractions from the past, present and future, so visitors should try to schedule a visit for the ambience, night life, cruises, music and attractions for families, couples and single travellers.

- The Caves

This all-inclusive resort sits atop immense grottoes that open from limestone cliffs. You won't find a beach here, but you will discover some the most amazing underwater sights in warm waters that are full of colourful fish.

Jamaica's Culinary Influences and Dining Scene

Jamaica borrows from Spanish, African, Indian, Chinese and indigenous island residents' cuisines to create its unique Jamaican jerk cuisine. Tropical fruits, seafood and native meats like pork heavily influence culinary offerings in many local restaurants and at street-food vendors, but many foods have now been imported so that visitors can find any style of cuisine or type of restaurant to satisfy their gastronomic preferences. Locally inspired dishes include jerk chicken, Jamaica patties, escovitched fish, fried dumplings, curried goat and rice and peas.

Holidays to Jamaica include laid-back activities and active pursuits like cultural tours, hiking, mountain biking, holiday dances and vibrant night life. Take some time to explore the breathtaking mountains, colourful reefs, historic churches and rain forests, or simply wander the bustling streets to soak up the atmosphere while sampling local delicacies at the cafés and restaurants. Friendly people, world-class amenities, national pride and stunning scenery contribute to Jamaica holidays that are filled with memories and adventures.

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