Ah Winter – the never-ending days of freezing temperatures, de-icing cars and wrapping up in copious amounts of layers to banish the cold spells, relying on hot drinks to thaw both your icy hands and icy mood. This season can be difficult for many, and is a long way off from the brighter and warmer days of Summer. If you can’t wait that long and yearn to feel the sun on your face and sand between your toes, then listen up as we have the perfect winter sun destinations in 2024 to choose from so you can be whisked off on that much-needed holiday switching grey skies for blue horizons. There’s no one size fits all here, as we have a fantastic selection of hotels and resorts to suit all requirements. If that’s either a quiet affair on a tropical island away from tourists and prying eyes or located within a bustling city filled with entertainment facilities, fancy restaurants, and shopping centres, whichever your preference – our winter sun holidays will ensure your vitamin D levels are replenished and you forget all about the gloomy atmosphere back home. Focusing purely on sun, sun, and even more sun.

Middle East

First but no means least we have the wonderfully diverse and popular Middle East. Every year there are many reasons why tourists flock here in their dozens with the admirable features including world-famous attractions, new delicacies and foods, and an immersive cultural scene with rich history. Not only this, but a key drawing point is the Middle East’s hot and dry climate, with many areas resembling that of the Mediterranean. To get away from the cold, but to avoid the blistering high heat that the summer months can project, travelling between March-May is considered the ideal time window, and perfect for a winter sun holiday too! Here travellers will be able to experience not only temperatures ranging from 22–33 degrees Celsius, but can also spectate on the beautiful blooming flowers lining the landscape, especially evident on mountainous regions.

One of our top winter sun destinations within the Middle East is Dubai, an affluent place that has come a long way since its small dessert town heritage. Here you can see the tallest building in the world in all its glory – the Burj Khalifa. Under 2 hours away is another impressive city, Abu Dhabi. A centre hub for both city life and peaceful beaches, this glamourous destination is home to some of the most sought-after hotels and resorts. For those looking for sun, but also eager to throw themselves head first into the local culture, then Oman is the perfect choice! This hidden gem is not usually at the top of anyone’s travel bucket list, but in fact can supply natural beauty, heritage sites, and friendly locals – so is well worth a trip during the winter months.

Indian Ocean

Moving onto the tropical paradise of the Indian Ocean, this location is best characterised by year-round sunshine and is one of the world’s warmest places. So for those seeking a winter sun holiday, this region will definitely satisfy that craving. There’s more than meets the eye too, as the widespread golden beaches and stretches of endless turquoise waters lead to a secret world of sea turtles, exotic fishes, and corals once under the surface. Snorkeling is a fan favourite, with the blue lagoons leading to a whole new world. One of the best places within the Indian Ocean to get up close and personal with coral reefs is in the Maldives. This dreamy group of islands has long been a sough-after holiday destination for many, and is especially idolised due to its warm climate. Great for sun-seekers, the Maldives experience temperatures between 29 and 32 degrees Celsius, with temperatures never usually dipping below 25 degrees. For months, the best time to visit is between November to April, ensuring a winter sun destination full of beach days and warm seas.

The Indian Ocean is not just limited to the beach, and with Sri Lanka, tourists can explore not only the cobalt shores, but also a plethora of exciting extras. All animal lovers will be glad to know that this winter sun destination provides animal encounters like no other, with the 26 national parks making it easy to see leopards, elephants, monkeys…you name it, all within their natural habitat. This outstanding nature extends to the cuisine, with Sri Lankan food a must-try with unmatched seafood and flavour some curries. This can all be neatly tied in a bow with the tropical climate again similar to the other Indian Ocean destinations like the Maldives, and Mauritius – situated southeast of the African coast.


Famed for its ancient pyramids, we are sure that Egypt has long been on your holiday bucket list purely for this reason alone. However, did you know that it is also an ideal candidate for a winter sun holiday in 2023? The desert climate can be mainly split between the Summer and Winter months, with November to April pleasantly mild on average increasing to around 24 degrees Celsius. The Summer on the other hand can reach highs of above 30 degrees. Switching to activities, apart from the previously mentioned Pyramids of Giza found on the outskirts of Cairo, other day trips can include visiting the Karnak Temple, the White Desert, and the Red Sea which is closely situated to Hurghada – a popular haven and one of Egypts leading resort locations. All in all, Egypt is a fantastic winter sun destination for water sports, trekking, history…and wildlife.


Some of you may prefer to stay closer to home, and that’s ok. Don’t be fooled by Europe’s cold northern region, as the southern parts brings with it higher temperatures and bluer skies. An adventurer’s paradise, Malta presents 7,000 years of history including ruins linked to Romans and Knights, as well as mysterious temples full of nooks and crannies, and museums showcasing Malta’s fascinating past. If that wasn’t enough, for those more laidback holidaymakers, there are of course beaches with clear blue waters with the best of these located along the Northern and Western shoreline. In terms of temperature, the months of Spring from March to May see the likes of 23 degrees and above, and for those who cannot handle the blistering heat, this winter sun holiday destination is one of the cooler options – providing that much-needed sunshine break but at a comfortable temperature.

For those seeking a winter sun holiday at an affordable price, The Canary Islands are one of the best. Off the coast of north western Africa, the Spanish archipelago is known for being the sunshine centre of Europe. Here travellers can be subject to a Mediterranean climate with dry summer months and mild winters. Throughout the year the subtropical temperatures range from 18 to 24 degrees Celsius. Each island of the Canary has a unique personality, whilst enabling a range of activities and top attractions including visiting the Siam Park (a waterpark), the Loro Park (a zoo), and whale and dolphin watching. So, if you don’t want to travel far, then Europe is an ideal winter sun holiday destination in 2023.

Ready To Fill Your Days With An Abundance Of Sunshine?

Are you feeling warmer now? Being cold is the thing of the past with these top winter sun destinations. There are plenty to choose from too – from the bustling cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the scenic tranquillity of the Maldives, to the fascinating culture of Egypt, there really is a location for everyone seeking a sunshine getaway. If you are eager to soak up that much-needed vitamin sea, and are already mentally packing up your suitcase, contact us today to get that holiday ball rolling. Soon enough a dreamy winter sun getaway will become your reality…