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Dubai of the United Arab Emirates enjoys being the first world-class destination designed with applied science, sophisticated modern engineering and almost unlimited oil-wealth resources to deliver a unique experience to each visitor and world traveller. You can tailor your visit for the ultimate single, couple, group or family excursion and a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Regardless of your interests and hobbies, Dubai holidays have become the standard by which other destinations are now judged. You can explore a kaleidoscope of cultures in a land where camels roam free, spice- and gold-selling souks attract hagglers from around the world and visitors enjoy designer boutique shopping, upscale resorts, family theme parks and private beaches on the beautiful Arabian Gulf.

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JA Jebel Ali Palm Tree Court

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5 Nights All Inclusive with Flights

fr. £649 pp

JA Jebel Ali Palm Tree Court

Dedicated to an exceptional standard of family-friendly travel, this Dubai beachfront family hotel is part of the award-winning JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort.

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Dubai Overview

Best Time for Dubai Holidays

Dubai has a dry, desert climate while offering plenty of beaches and watersports activities throughout the year. The cool season runs from December to February when temperatures plummet to an average of 23-degrees Celsius or 73-degrees Fahrenheit. April to October can be hot months, and June and July include the Islamic month of Ramadan, a time of public abstinence when adults refrain from drinking, eating and smoking in public places during daylight hours. During the hottest months, temperatures soar past 39-degrees Celsius or 100-degrees Fahrenheit, but the heat is dry and more comfortable than similar temperatures in climates that are more humid.

Modern Marvels of an Oil-rich Cosmopolitan Arab Resort

Hotels in Dubai offer options for every kind of traveller, group, meeting planner or convention manager. Hotels in this city, which are known for glamour and glitz, pull out the stops to provide an unforgettable experience. Home of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the world's most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai offers lavish perks, desert retreats, beach holidays and historic charm that dates back to 3000 BCE. Some of the staggering attractions that Dubai holidays offer include:

- Dubai Shopping Festival in January

- Engineered Palm Jumeirah Islands, the epitome of the city's oil and tourism wealth, which are artificial islands that are shaped like palm leaves

- Souks in the oldest part of the city along Dubai Creek

- Dubai Mall's famous Dubai Fountain that shoots water 150 metres in the air

- An astonishing skyline that presents the world's tallest buildings and iconic examples of over-the-top architecture against the spectacular desert and Arabian Gulf backgrounds

- Wild Wadi Water Park

- Dubai Museum that provides glimpses of the city's ancient past

- Dubai Marina, the largest engineered marina in the world

- Sky Dubai, an indoor ski resort that offers skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding

- Global Village, which features handicrafts, international cuisines, entertainment and up-scale imports

Dubai Cuisine Includes World-class Restaurants

Emirati cuisine includes influences from many cultures of Asia and the Middle East. Global tourism ensures that you can find any food from burgers to camel meat. Traditional dishes include stews with exotic spices, mixed grill, falafel, lamb dishes, curries, tabbouleh, hummus and Arabic breads baked in clay ovens. Top restaurants feature European, American, Persian, Indian and Asian cuisines and fusion foods from all over the world. If you are truly fortunate, you might enjoy a Bedouin wedding feast where stuffed camel is served as part of your entrée.

Religion, Dress and Family Adventure

Dubai holidays in major resorts don't require any special kind of dress, but visitors can respect the local customs when moving around the city or visiting native families and desert attractions by dressing conservatively, wrapping towels or sarongs around the waist after swimming and keeping knees, shoulders and legs covered when visiting holy shrines and public places. Loose-fitting clothing helps visitors stay cool and comfortable. Holidays to Dubai include hundreds of family activities and bespoke touring options such as dune driving, desert caravans, wad bashing, Arabian horse riding, biking and walking tours of the old city.

Holidays to Dubai have something for every member of the family including engineered islands, desert escapades and the culture and history of the East with all the travel comforts of the West. Regardless of whether you arrive at the Burj Al Arab Hotel by a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce or a desert feast by camel, Dubai holidays offer seaside and desert views, luxury, old-world adventure and modern conveniences unlike any other destination in the world.