Taipei Food and Drink Night Walk Tour

Taipei Food and Drink Night Walk Tour

Night Walk Tour (Duration: 3 hrs)
Board Basis:
Taipei Film House (former American Consulate), Linsen North Road (Shichijodori and Rokujodori), Taiwanese beer house

from £135/pp


Tour stops:

Taipei Film House (former American Consulate), Linsen North Road (Shichijodori and Rokujodori), Taiwanese beer house


1800 Meet the tour guide in MRT Zhongshan Station Exit 3
1810-1840 Stop by Taipei Film House (former American Consulate)
1840-1910 Enjoy a relaxing walk through the famous izakaya street–Linsen North Road (Shichijodori and Rokujodori)
1910-2030 Dinner: in a Taiwanese beer house
2030-2100 Return to MRT Zhongshan Station

After the end of World War II, the United States established its consulate in Taipei. In the year of 1997, the building was listed as historic monument by the government of the Republic of China. Following its registry as a municipal historic heritage, after a deliberate planning with contribution from various parties, the building was revitalized as a culture space that dedicated to cinematography, and was christened "Taipei Film House" and inaugurated on November 10, 2002.

A popular destination where the locals and Japanese businessmen frequent to grab a drink after work. Some people describe this area a “Little Tokyo”; the streets are always festooned with neon lights and glowing in the night.

A few decades before, it was a high-end residential area of the Japanese businessmen and dependents, a part of “Taishouchou” during the period under Japanese Rules. Eras gone by, it had witnessed the city changed and blended into different cultures. Today, you can still find the historic relics around the corners.

Taiwanese beer houses are always affordable and provide various choices of local stir-fried dishes, such as “Pineapple Shrimp Balls”, “Three-Cup Chicken”, “Salted Egg Bitter Gourd” and many more.

Just like Dai Pai Dong in Hong Kong and Izakaya in Japan. These beer houses are always noisy yet amazingly lively. People talk loud and raise their drinks of toast to celebrate special occasions with friends and business partners. And it is always a popular place where the local folks welcome their foreign visitors.


1. Tips
2. Personal expense
3. Entrance ticket to Taipei 101 Observatory Deck


1. English–speaking guide
2. 1-Day Taipei MRT Pass
3. Lunch
4. Local insurance

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