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Thailand Holidays

Thailand holidays offer beautiful beaches, mountainous adventures, jungle safaris and the culture shock of visiting Bangkok where crowds of people, loud music, neon signs, unique architecture and giant billboards contribute to sensory overload. The bustling metropolis that is Bangkok suits single travellers and couples better than families, but every visitor should at least make a stop there for the incredible experience. Throughout Thailand, tourists are regarded as wealthy by Thai standards, so your money goes further than you'd ever dream.

Thailand has Buddhist shrines, temples and monasteries, 12-line motorways, markets with 15,000 stalls and restaurants everywhere you look. Thailand holidays are one-of-a-kind adventures that you'll never forget. Krabi province has more than 150 kilometres of beaches with stunning rock formations as backdrops. Phuket Island, just off the south-west coast, has vibrant markets that begin trading at dawn and are highlighted by the beeps of tuk tuks, the three-wheeled motorised rickshaws that serve as the island's taxis.


Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in the region due to its beautiful beaches, incredible cuisine, unique identity, luxury hotels and cheap beach bungalows. Thailand needs nothing else to provide a satisfying holiday, but visitors also enjoy the unique and satisfying attractions.

Thailand Jungle Safaris

Jungle safaris in Thailand are otherworldly experiences with red-eyed tree frogs, snakes, monkeys, bats and eagles. Each layer of the forest has its own ecology and story, and the layers include the emergent, understory, canopy and forest-floor layers. Jaguars and leopard cross the lines, and anteaters inhabit the forest floor where overhead vegetation is so thick that nothing will grow in the carpeted layer of pine needles where the sun never reaches.

Kho Phi Phi Ley Island

The island features sandstone cliffs, white sand and clear waters with some of the best coral life in the world. Great for snorkelling and diving, Kho Phi Phi Ley offers dramatic photo and videotaping opportunities.

Chiang Rai

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy hiking, communing with elephants, discovering impressive waterfalls and visiting hill tribe villages where colourful dances, handicrafts and music encourage visitors to spend money in these tourist-friendly communities.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, a modern city with skyscrapers, shopping malls and the latest traveller amenities, also features stunning landscapes, jungle treks, picturesque pagodas and more than 300 temples.

Best Times for Thailand Holidays

Thailand's seasons divide into summer and the rainy season. Visit areas in the western part of the peninsula between the middle of November through the month of June to avoid the monsoons that occur in other months. Eastern Thailand is best from December to June. If your travel plans include visiting both coasts, then the best time to schedule your holiday is December to April. November through February are the most moderate times of year, and the southern part of the country doesn't have a winter at all. Higher elevations in winter can get as cold as 0-degrees Celsius, but winters in the north and north-east are dry, cool and pleasant.


Bangkok is Thailand's top attraction because the city is the country's economic, political and cultural capital. Visitors might be overwhelmed by the city's size, scale, crowds and sensory overload, but it's hard to imagine visiting Thailand without stopping in this iconic destination.

Events and Festivals in Thailand

Thailand hosts many festivals and events throughout the year, so you might want to schedule your holiday based on when your favourite events occur. Some of the more interesting pageants for visitors include:

- Bo Sang Umbrella Festival in the third week of January

- Chinese New Year in late January or early February

- Chiang Mai Flower Festival in the first week of February

- Pattava Bike Week, the biggest cycling event in south-east Asia, in the middle of February

- National Elephant Day on 13 March

- Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival, a public holiday, 13--15 April

- Rocket Festivals in middle and late May

- Phuket Yachting Race Week in middle or late July

- Vegetarian Festival in Late September or early October

- King's Cup Elephant Polo in September

- Buffalo Racing Festival in October or November

- Monkey Banquet on the last Sunday in November

Thai Cuisine Is Internationally Famous

Thailand holidays offer gourmets and food aficionados some the world's most celebrated foods. Featuring a unique style of sharing foods among all guests at the table, Thai cuisine features sweet, salty, sour and spicy elements in almost every dish. Diners typically order various meat and fish dishes, soup, vegetables and noodles. Visitors can grab a takeaway snack for a low price along the roads, and these foods include satay, raw vegetables and dipping sauce, salads, soups and sweet dishes. Regardless of what you order in Thailand, the goal is to create an overall balance of flavours. Thai dishes use less meat, so chefs often shred meat to extend its flavour to complementary noodles, rice and vegetables.

Holidays to Thailand offer the beach experience that families love, but the country offers so much more to the discerning visitor, student and world traveller. Picturesque mountains, exciting tours, the crowded but vibrant Bangkok scene and UNESCO-protected temples provide unique cultural insights, family adventures and a quintessentially Asian experience that is unlike anything most tourists experience in their travels. Planning and organizing a bespoke itinerary is the key to a satisfying Thailand holiday.

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Thailand Holidays

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