Shanghai Holidays

Shanghai Holidays

Shanghai is an international metropolis famous throughout the world for its culture, scenery, cuisine and shopping opportunities. As time goes on, it claims more and more attention among individuals who are searching for an interesting, exciting, and culturally diverse holiday destination. Located on the estuary of the Yangtze River, it is a hub of culture, trade and tourism.

Shanghai's unique glamour and multicultural flair have propelled it into the spotlight as a holiday destination over the past 20 years. In Shanghai, visitors find a unique blend of Western and Oriental cultures, as well as the perfect combination of modern development and old world charm. Old Shikumen architecture and modern skyscrapers work together to create the city's unique skyline, which is a truly unforgettable sight. Below are some must-see activities and attractions for holidaymakers from around the world:

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Huangpu River

Huangpu is Shanghai's mother River and divides the city into its western and eastern regions. However, it is also one of the city's most splendid attractions.

Located on the River's West Bend is "The Bund," which is a collection of hotels, commercial houses, grand buildings and financial institutions, all completed in classic 1930s architectural style. These pepper the banks of the river and at night, the structures illuminate with thousands of twinkling lights. This creates an enticing and mesmerising atmosphere for visitors strolling along the area's famous promenade.

Walking through this district during the day or night is one of the most interesting activities available to those on holiday in Shanghai.

Yuyuan Garden

Those who enjoy Chinese gardens will not want to miss a trip to the Yuyuan Garden, which is one of Shanghai's largest, ancient botanical attractions. Featuring the architectural styles of Oing and Ming, the garden boasts six separate areas, each of which offers its own unique characteristics and style.

In the centre of the Garden is the Grand Rockery, which is the establishment's most famous site. Home to natural rock formations and over 10,000 different plants, it is not surprising that the Yuyuan Garden earns a top place on the itinerary of virtually all Shanghai visitors. In close proximity to the garden is the Old City God Temple, which has been converted into a commercial establishment filled with snack shops, stores and a marketplace commons.

Nanjing Road

No trip to Shanghai is complete without a walk or drive down Nanjing Road. China's number one shopping district, it has been a Shanghai landmark for multiple decades. Spanning approximately 5.5 kilometres, and featuring more than 600 stores and cafés, it is visited by over 1.5 million tourists and local residents each day. From luxurious, world-famous brand-name items to inexpensive gifts and souvenirs, holidaymakers are guaranteed to find everything they are looking for in this unique shopping district.

Jade Buddha Temple

One of Shanghai's most famous Buddhist shrines, the Jade Buddha Temple is an impressive, ancient structure created centuries ago by skilled and talented artists. Tours are available on a daily basis, but visitors are urged to be respectful of those who come to the shrine to worship.



Shanghai's restaurants and bars are among the finest in China, offering superior service and high quality food. The city has a vast array of sumptuous cuisine options featuring traditional Benbang, Hunan, Sichuan and Beijing characteristics. However, the downtown area is home to establishments that sell Western food as well.


Shanghai is a shopper's paradise, and is frequently referred to as 'the Paris of the Orient.' In addition to the aforementioned Nanjing Road, visitors will also find fantastic bargains in the Yuyuan Shopping Centre, Jiali Sleepless City, and the Xujiahui Shopping Centre.


Shanghai is an intriguing and mesmerising part of China for night owls. As one would suspect, The Bund comes alive at night, and dinner cruises on the Huangpu River are highly recommended. For art lovers, the Oriental Art Centre and Grand Theatre will delight and surprise, and Xin Tian Di and Hengshan Road offer a virtually limitless number of bars, discos and nightclubs.

Chinese tradition, Western customs, and unique activities and attractions intertwine in this glorious city to make any holidaymaker's visit both exciting and memorable. Therefore, anyone who wishes to visit an area teeming with life and progress should consider Shanghai.

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