Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh

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  • 7 Nights
  • 2 Adults & 1 Child
  • Superior Classic Room
  • All Inclusive
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  • Travel Between  24 Jul - 30 Aug 2024
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  • 2 Adults
  • Superior Classic Room
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Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Looking to indulge in the beautiful Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh? A holiday to the beautifully designed Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh resort has you covered.

Located on the pristine shores of the Red Sea and at the heart of the Sinai Peninsula, this five-star luxury hotel reflects the gold standard of luxury and tranquillity at one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Egypt.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the stunning architecture boasting a mix of Arabian elegance and modern charm. This is perfectly complemented by the domes, arches, and smooth pastel colors surrounding the resort. From the moment you awake, guests at the Baron Resort are also greeted by a golden beach that stretches over 600m as well as the calming blue waters of the Straits of Tiran. The hotel’s extensive standards reflect the qualities that can be found in the luxurious Sharm El Sheikh. Here you can explore everything from the alluring coral reefs and aquamarine water to the crimson mountains and miles of serene, unspoiled desert.

Truly, with the hotel’s exceptional bars, restaurants, sporting facilities, and more its clear that the Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh offers an unforgettable and top-tier holiday experience.


The Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh is based within the ideal location for those traveling to the city. Not only is the resort just a short 8km distance and 15 minutes away from the Sharm El Sheikh Airport, but it’s also just a short distance from some of the city’s most enjoyable activities and locations. SOHO square for instance lies just 3km from the resort and the iconic Namba Bay tourist haven is just 15km away from your stay. Undoubtedly, those who stay at the Baron Resort will be able to engage in anything and everything within Sharm El Sheikh.

Activities at the Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Whether you’re looking for a busy action-packed break, rejuvenating relaxation, or something in-between, The Baron Resort Sharm El Sheikh offers every activity to cater to the whole family. Below are just a few of the top picks to try out on your holiday.


Thanks to the opulent waters of the Red Sea that surround the Baron Resort, guests can try out a plethora of water-based activities. From snorkeling and diving adventures hotel guests can explore the underwater vibrancies of the local marine life, as well as the surrounding coral reefs. Similarly, adrenaline seekers might choose popular above-the-water activities like windsurfing, jet skiing, and water skiing. For a more relaxing experience, the hotel also provides access to several swimming pools ranging in size for the more to less experienced swimmers.

Sightseeing Tours

In such an expansive and decorated city, it can be difficult to experience everything that it has to offer before heading home. Luckily The Baron Resort organizes a variety of trips to ensure guests have a fulfilling and memorable stay. Whether it be a sightseeing tour around the pristine beaches of the national park or a desert safari tour across the vast Sinai Desert, you can rest assured that all your tourist activities will be ticked off.

Kids Club

The Baron Sharm El Sheikh ensures that younger guests can also take-home enjoyable memories at the end of the holiday through the kid’s club. This club includes a variety of tailored activities like arts and crafts, game rooms, outdoor play areas, and more.

Spa Facility

Spa & Wellness

For those seeking pure relaxation on their holidays, the resort wellness and relaxation center makes for the perfect stop. Customers can indulge in a range of deluxe spa services and facilities, including a spa, steam rooms, rejuvenating massagea massage tent overlooking the Red Sea, and much more.

Fitness Center

Guests at the Baron Resort also have access to the industry-leading fitness complex that provides a complete range of gym equipment, ensuring that you can keep on top of your fitness plan even when on holiday.


Superior Classic Rooms – provide guests with complete luxury, privacy and serenity that complement the excitement of each day. With a total of 124 rooms each housing 40m2 of space, visitors are treated to a serene balcony view overlooking the resort’s beautiful landscapes and a full host of amenities to maximize your relaxation levels during the stay.

Superior Sea View Rooms – offer guests an expansive 40m2-sized room with a furnished terrace/balcony that highlights stunning panoramic sea views. With over 210 Superior Sea View Rooms overlooking Tiran Island to choose from you can be rest assured that relaxation and rejuvenation will be at the forefront of your stay.

1 Bedroom Executive Sea View Suites – are just as good as they sound. With 85m2 of space and a seductive blend of timeless style and middle eastern inspiration, guests can expect maximum comfort, privacy, and luxury. Each of the 6 Executive Sea View Suites also features a panoramic sea view with a balcony overlooking the majestic Tiran Island.

2 Bedroom Executive Sea View Suite –are even better than they sound. With 2 bedrooms – one housing a king-sized bed and the other twin single beds –connected to a gorgeous living room, these suites highlight the comfort and relaxation you will feel throughout the entire stay.

Royal Suite with Private Swimming Pool - The pinnacle of accommodation quality, the Royal Suites feature a spacious bedroom connected to a gracious living space. Additionally, there is a private swimming pool for those who want to cool down in their suite, a private terrace with an area for barbeque in total privacy - the perfect choice for honeymooners – and epic views across Tiran Island.


Sinai World Class Cuisine

International food doesn’t get much better than at the Sinai. This restaurant offers delicious buffet-style cuisine live cook stations and a breathtaking view of the Red Sea while you enjoy your food, making for the perfect romantic hotel getaway.

Bella Vista Restaurant

If you’re to indulge in the taste of Italian Cuisine, then the Bella Vista Restaurant makes for a fantastic restaurant visit in the evening. The industry-leading chefs serve guests with sumptuous Italian dishes and delicacies fit for the best of holiday experiences.

Taj Mahal Restaurant

Relax and enjoy a delicious selection of authentic Indian specialties such as tandoori, machi Curry and vegetarian dishes, all in the golden hours of the evening.

Egyptian Restaurant

Built with an Andalusian architectural design and serving famous Egyptian and oriental dishes, the Egyptian Restaurant is a must-visit during your stay in the country.

The Oasis BBQ Restaurant and Grill

This oasis retreat set right next to the swimming pool, serves exotic cocktails along with light meals after breakfast, an a la carte Lunch menu, and BBQ & Seafood dinner. All of this is set within a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.


The Niche Bar

This bar serves an exclusive selection of cocktails as well as premium Cuban cigars, making it the perfect venue for late afternoon and evening visits.

Panorama Lobby Bar and Piano Lounge

These bars are located within the main lobby and offer both a wide range of beverages, as well as an outstanding view of the sea. These bars are open for the full 24hrs.

Khan El Khalili Oriental Café

This café serves guests the region’s traditional hot and cold drinks, even housing a special area for shisha (water pipe).

Now And Zen Dance Bar

For those who thrive in the nightlife, the Now and Zen dance bar is the perfect place for you to enjoy.

Ready to stay at the Baron Sharm El Sheikh? The Full experience is here and waiting for you to enjoy. Contact our experts here at Value Added Travel to receive a price-competitive quote for the perfect value-added holiday.

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