Perth holidays

Perth Holidays

Although Perth is a large city, it is one of the world's most remote metropolis regions. This is because it lies in an isolated area on the southwest coast of Western Australia. Perth boasts some of Australia's most beautiful scenery and is easily explored on foot, as most of its tourist attractions are found in a somewhat compact district. The centre of the city straddles the gate of the Swan River. The open areas of Perth are situated on the south bank, and the downtown is found towards the north. Additionally, Perth has an expansive suburban area that stretches beyond the airport to the east and as far west as the port of Fremantle. Perth's famous shoreline is located west of city and winds its way from Fermantle up to the Sunset Coast. The city is home to a significant number of attractions and activities, and the following are some of the most popular:

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Caversham Wildlife Park and the Pinnacles

Many Perth visitors enjoy taking a full-day tour by coach to the mesmerising Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia. On such an excursion, guests can observe koalas and other wildlife at a large nature preserve and then stop for a lunch of fish and chips in the coastal town of Cervantes. Also typically included on the itinerary of such tours is a guided walk through the Pinnacles and a 4WD drive over the impressive sand dunes of Lancelin.

Swan Valley Wine Cruise

A Swan Valley Wine Cruise offers outstanding views of the both the city of Perth and the upper region of the Swan River. Participants can indulge in morning or afternoon tea or wine tasting events before enjoying a winery tour at the famous Sandalford Vineyards. Lunch at the vineyards is usually a grande, two-hour affair that involves tasting a variety of the Vineyard's best creations.

The Bell Tower

Situated in Barrack Square, overlooking the lovely Swan River is one of city’s most unusual tourist attractions. Packed with interesting historic content, the Bell Tower is an icon to residents of Perth and other areas of Western Australia. The Tower boasts the twelve bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields, which is one of the most famous churches in London, as well as bells from other locations around the world. An architectural wonder against the backdrop of the picturesque Swan River, the Bell Tower is a must see for any Perth visitor.

Perth Zoo

Animal lovers should place the Perth Zoo on their must-see list. With over 1500 animals and some of Western Australia's most beautiful gardens, a trip to the Perth zoo is the ideal place for a morning or afternoon outing.


Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is highly favoured among visitors and boasts a classic, suburban beach atmosphere. The carefully preserved historical clubhouse is one of its most popular features. It is also home to a children's play area, well-maintained boardwalk, and a quaint tea house. Its long, sandy shoreline creates a relaxing atmosphere that pleases virtually all holidaymakers.

Shopping and Dining

Perth is home to numerous shopping centres, large malls and pedestrian-friendly shopping precincts. The Forrest Chase district is one of the principal areas for shopping and is a particularly lively area of the city. King Street in the city's centre and Hay Street and Rokeby Road in the Subiaco district are full of stylish boutiques. Other regions have their specialties as well. For instance, Guildford is known for antiques, Claremont for lifestyle and fashion, and Fremantle for arts and crafts. Large shopping malls such as the Carousel and the Murray Street Mall are also great options.

Perth City continues to explode with eateries, cafés and bars and the city is home to award-winning restaurants and chefs. Visitors will find essentially any type of fare for which they are looking, as well as one of the world's highest concentrations of alfresco eateries and rooftop bars. Northbridge is one of the newest restaurant districts, featuring a variety of establishments offering Indian, Asian, Western and Thai food.


The best seasons for those travelling to Australia are spring and autumn when temperatures are quite mild, but winters are moderate as well. June and July are quite hot in Perth and those who are not accustomed to bright sun and extreme heat may wish to avoid these months.

Perth is a fascinating and lovely city, and offers a broad range of interesting things to see and do. No holidaymaker will regret choosing Perth as his or her getaway destination

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