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Jeddah's unofficial motto is Jeddah ghair, or 'Jeddah's different'. No Saudi city has been more open to outside influences over the years than this ancient port, whether traders, international artists or Makkah-hound pilgrims. Today, Jeddah is Saudi's buzzing cosmopolitan hub, home to gleaming hotels and big-ticket events like the Read Sea International Flim Festival.

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Historic Jeddah (Al Balad)

Historic Jeddah was founded in the seventh century and was once a thriving centre of the city. With a fascinating history, this attraction has many monuments and buildings that hide the ancient Hijazi tales behind them. Take a tour of the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum, Nasseef House and the monuments of the Jeddah Wall. If you love visiting the popular markets, head to Souq Al-Nada and Souq Al-Khaskia.

Jeddah Waterfront

Enjoy the magnificent views of the Red Sea while taking a walk along the beautiful corniche. Developed as an ideal place for families to relax together, the waterfront offers both adventure and entertainment in the form of watersports, play areas and dancing fountains. The Jeddah Waterfront is home to a pedestrian bridge which is considered the longest in the Kingdom. Visitors can rent and ride bicycles along the corniche, as well as treat themselves to a wide choice of restaurants and various stalls.

Jeddah Diving

Explore the depths of the Red Sea and its untouched, pristine and breathtaking coral reefs from one of the many certified diving centres. Explore ancient shipwrecks and uninhabited desert islands surrounded by spectacular technicolour reefs and an abundance of wildlife. Enjoy diving courses under the instruction of certified trainers before you embark on a cruise.

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