Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia is a lovely, interesting country rich in history and culture. It is located near Indonesia in the South China Sea and each year it draws a substantial number of travelers from around the world. Offering an ideal blend of exciting activities, colorful Asian culture, clean, well-maintained beaches and unspoiled wilderness areas, this outstanding part of the world offers something for essentially any visitor.

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Attractions and Activities

Malaysia's fascination among tourists is due in part to its cultural diversity and the broad range of attractions available to visitors. From challenging activities such as rock climbing in the celebrated Batu Caves to a day of bargain hunting at the renowned Imbi Marketplace, travelers will never have a dull moment when spending time in Malaysia.

Other favorite activities among travelers include exploring the cycling and hiking trails that meander through the country's thick jungle regions or a visit to the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve in which Malaysia's famous Orangutan Sanctuary is located. Outdoor lovers are typically pleased to discover that most of the country's sightseeing trails are open throughout the year, and go from densely populated regions to the surrounding mountainsides. Because the area's history has been well preserved by local residents, there are also numerous options for fans of historical sites and archeology, as well as those who enjoy visiting museums. Below are some destinations travelers should consider when visiting Malaysia.

Capital City of Kuala Lumpur

The pulse of Malaysia is easily felt in the country's capital and largest city, Kuala Lumpur. Here, the famous Petronas Twin Towers provide vacationers with an aerial view of the thriving city. Sightseeing is a favorite activity in Kuala Lumpur because of the city's unique architecture and scenery, and the Petronas Twin Towers are a great place to begin.

Kuala Lumpur is also home to a substantial number of beautiful beaches, and the city also hosts many colorful festivals on an annual basis. The coastline surrounding Kuala Lumpur lends itself well to a broad range of water sports, including boating, sunbathing, canoeing, swimming, and para-sailing.

Fascinating Penang

The big island of Penang is an interesting part of the country of which most Malaysian residents are proud. Located on the west coast, it is famous for museums, historical homesteads, World Heritage Sites and some of the country's best cuisine. In addition, it is home to the famous Penang Fort, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the beginning of the century.

Numerous activities for youngsters can also be found on Penang, such as the Waterfront Esplanade Amusement Park, and a carnival-like area referred to as Gurney Drive, where a variety of street vendors offer fare of all types, including Indian, Malay and Chinese dishes. Street performances by local artists and activities such as face painting are often found at this location as well.

Beaches in Penang are usually quite crowded, but those who are more interested in sightseeing and visiting local landmarks than spending time in the water are typically quite pleased with what they find in Penang.

Tranquil Langkawi

The enchanting archipelago of Langkawi is renowned for its interesting legends, lovely beaches and diverse marine life. The name of the archipelago is a Chinese word for " tropical paradise," and it is not difficult to see why this title was bestowed on the region. Home to pristine beaches, natural jungles and outstanding sunsets, Langkawi is a must see for any visitor.

In addition, the string of islands is peppered with cafés, seafood restaurants, beach bars and shops. Those who live on Langkawi often engage in conversations with visitors, making it a popular location among Malaysian travelers who enjoy socializing with others.

One of the tiny islands of the archipelago is referred to as Pulau Langkawi, and is the perfect area in which to enjoy peace and tranquility. This picturesque island is located just off the main landmass at the beginning of the chain of islands, and is a beautiful retreat comprised of small, sun-drenched beaches.

Malaysia is an ideal location for essentially anyone who enjoys exotic getaways and exploring other cultures. Regardless of which area of Malaysia one chooses to visit, unforgettable memories and experiences await those who spend time in this beautiful Asian country.

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