Turkey holidays have been trending on social media, with thousands of videos being created, getting upwards of 400k likes. But why has it suddenly taken off? Why do people so desperately want to visit Turkey? We’re here to give you all the deets on the latest Turkey travel destinations and trends.

The Hot Air Balloons In Cappadocia

If you’ve been on TikTok, there’s no doubt you would have seen the many videos of the outstanding hot air balloon festival in Cappadocia. The travel couple on TikTok have posted their experience of the Cappadocia balloons after 6 months of chemotherapy and it’s inspired and warmed everyone’s hearts. It’s safe to say we can all relate to why Hannah and Charlie had this destination on their bucket list. This balloon festival is the biggest in Europe with over 100 balloons and just over 20 of them are special in shape. The festival runs at different times every year depending on the season. It usually takes place in the summertime around May to July.

You can either enjoy the festival from the ground taking in the incredible array of colours shapes and sizes, or you can pay for a flight ticket to ride in one of the balloons for an hour. This will give you a real taste of being involved in the magic of the festival. If you wish to enjoy the view from the comfort of your hotel, there is a huge variety of options you can book. The Mithra Cave Hotel is located in Goreme 5 minutes from the town centre.

While visiting Cappadocia you can also discover some of the natural beauties of Turkey. The Goreme National Park is where the balloon festival takes place however the national park itself is equally as magical as the balloons. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site this site feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. It’s dotted with unique ancient dwellings that date back to the 4th century.

So, it’s without a doubt if you visit Cappadocia in Turkey, you won’t be lacking in fairy-tale magical experiences. However, this is not the only reason Turkey is trending…

The Land Of Legends

Perhaps you quite literally want to put yourself in a fairy-tale. This viral theme park is a kingdom-themed hotel and park. The Rixos Land Of Legends Hotel offers themed rooms ideal for children and children at heart Sarah Toyin on TikTok shares her experience of the park, showing of all the incredible features this theme park has to offer.

It won’t be hard to spend a whole day or two at this park during your Turkey holiday. It’s a shopping avenue as well as a theme park, catering to all your entertainment needs. You can relax in their many cafes and restaurants while indulging in some of the international cuisines. Or fill your day with action-packed rides and boat trips through the magical rivers of the site.

Turkish Food

One of the best ways to truly experience a new country is to fully immerse yourself into the cuisine. Karissaeats on TikTok shares her experience of eating only Turkish street food for 24 hours and we are fully drooling over some of these foods! She tastes a traditional Turkish pizza called Lahmacun which is topped with mincemeat. She then moves on to try Lokma, which are traditional fried doughnuts with sugary hard syrup over them, yum yumyum! She finished off with a Boom pastry which is a biscuity pastry that’s filled with Nutella. People are loving this video with over 1 million likes, it’s safe to say not just Tukey holidays are trending but Turkey’s food too!

Discover Istanbul

One of the worlds greatest cities, Istanbul is a great destination for your Turkey holiday. It’s rich with incredible architecture, mosques, and traditional colourful tile work. You simply won’t have time to be bored here. With many people on TikTok sharing their jam-packed itineraries it's enough to make any traveller jealous.

If you feel like enlightening your senses, taking a trip to a spice market will do just that. You can buy traditional Turkish delight and fresh figs, olives, pistachios and you guessed it, spices! There are so many new foods you can enjoy while visiting Istanbul. You can stumble across the foods while exploring the city yourself or book a food tour to be enlightened by someone local.

Perhaps one of the most stunning mosques in Istanbul, the Mosque of Suleyman The Magnificent was recently renovated in 2010 but was originally built in the age of the Ottoman Empire. With its incredibly tall ceilings and tile patterns, this Mosque will most likely leave you speechless.

There are so many more reasons why a Turkey holiday is one to put on your bucket list. From the viral festivals to the delicious food. Not to mention the incredibly friendly locals. You simply have to visit this outstanding country. There are many beautiful hotels to stay in, so what’s holding you back? Contact us today to get your personalised quote.