Do you want to catch that winter sun but have no idea where to go? I’m sure you’ve seen the many social media posts of your favourite influencer on holiday or that TikTok trending destination. If you haven’t, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together the top destinations that influencers are traveling to and why, so you don’t have to waste time endlessly searching for your next holiday destination.


Known as the world’s influencer capital, you will probably struggle to find an influencer that hasn’t been to Dubai. From Instagram-able food to the most insane backdrops, Dubai is a favourite for that oh-so luxury grid post.

Dubai is a fantastic destination if you want to live the life of luxury, the ultimate reel consists of pristine white sands, turquoise waters, and delicious-looking cocktails. The Burj Al Arab is one of the most iconic hotels to stay in. With viral YouTube and TikTok videos touring the hotel it’s certainly a popular choice for the luxury high-end influencers.

The most popular resort in the world, Atlantis The Palm gets attention from all types of influencers including families. The iconic waterpark gives people of all ages enough excitement for a lifetime, so no wonder people are posting about it - 628,000 people on Instagram to be exact! There are so many opportunities to snap that perfect pic, especially on the food scene as there are over 23 bars and restaurants to choose from you won’t be short of places to visit!

Besides the luxury hotels and resorts, Dubai has stunning weather all year round which makes it all the more appealing to influencers; when you have a bikini collab sometimes the English rain just isn’t the one!


Let’s take a step away from city life and adventure into the tropics. Thailand is a seriously popular destination among travel influencers. With its dramatic scenery and warm weather, it’s the perfect travel pic backdrop! Thailand has over75million posts on Instagram so it’s safe to say people are talking about it.

The high level of tourism allows influencers to post about activities that a lot of their followers are likely to enjoy and put on their to-do lists. Elephant sanctuaries for example, they are a fun way to donate to charities and experience the natural wildlife of Thailand with a hands-on experience. Or a boat trip, there are lots of islands to visit near Phuket such as Krabi and Phi Phi. This makes easy video content for a lot of short-form content creators such as TikTok or YouTube shorts influencers.

Surely you've seen viral videos of mini vlogs in Phuket, Sara travel on TikTok shows us her day in Phuket with delicious fruit and wonderous beaches, enough to make anyone want to book their next holiday to Thailand.


This one has been really popular this year. You may not have thought about visiting Croatia before, but you certainly will now. At one point it seemed like every influencer that existed was in Croatia. This trending travel destination has stunning architecture and beautiful beaches. It’s certainly one to attract influencers. Hand Luggage Only posted about their experience of the Dubrovnik city walls giving you an insight into what the experience may feel like, people loved this and with 32.4k likes it certainly fits in with the popular trend.

Croatia has exceptional history, a reason why influencers visit is for those historical backdrops and short-form content videos explaining the culture. If you visit here, you won’t be lacking in traditional culture and ancient architecture to soak in!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini has to be one of the most stunning Greece destinations. It’s a favourite for influencers for fresh and bright content. The wonderfully clean look of the white buildings really adds contrast to your grid pictures on Instagram. Of course, TikTok users love any form of Greece content because of the globally shared love for the film “Mumma Mia” being set in Greece. Snippets of songs from the film are always trending, putting them with content from a Santorini holiday is a go-to for influencers.

Aside from the beautiful backdrops influencers love to visit Santorini for private swimming cave villas, these are beyond luxurious. Your very own private cave leading to a swimming pool? Yep, sign us up! Luxury is taken to the next level with the beautiful villas that influencers stay in and share on their socials. Where is alby shows us her view from her villa and oh my wow it’s just so dreamy,860k people liked it too! If anything is going to make you want to go to Santorini, it’s a trending TikTok!

The Maldives

You’re definitely more likely to see A-list celebrity influencers at this destination. The most luxurious of them all, The Maldives. Some of our favourite influencers have visited The Maldives, from Molly Mae to Gordon Ramsay. The Maldives is the epitome of luxury. Floating water villas and tropical villas with private beaches we cannot get enough of this content. Terplanet on TikTok has shared their holiday at the Emerald Resort And Spa and we are in love! From the purple sunsets to turquoise waters, you can see why it’s an ultra-popular destination for influencers.

There are so many hotels to choose from in the Maldives that it’s almost impossible to know which to pick. Influencers go for the more private options with separate villas from other guests for security and of course a little bit of peace, although there are still stunning hotel options if your budget is a little smaller. By all means, if your content needs a little boost, this is the ultimate location for it!

Ready to book your most “instgramable” holiday yet?

Now you know where your favourite influencers are visiting, we hope you’ve had some inspiration on where to visit next. Whether that’s living the luxury city life in the influencer capital of Dubai or dancing like a queen in Santorini there’s so much to choose from. Contact us today for a personalised quote for that dream influencer destination holiday.