As we all know, these past years of restrictions have been a difficult time for many reasons, and we can all simultaneously agree that not being able to travel to faraway places has been one of these. Now more than ever there is a shared passion to escape our mundane homeland and embark on exciting new adventures, and combined with the evolving popularity of social media, people are taking to TikTok to share their favourite travel destinations. TikTok has progressed a long way since its dance moves and comical video days, and now has become a global phenomenon of serious travel inspiration videos. Social media has always had a significant impact on our lives, and in this post-pandemic world, users can now be part of a shared community of influencers and newbies who are sharing their top holiday destinations and hotels. We too have been intrigued by this and have outlined the top TikTok trending travel destinations so you can add these to your travel bucket list…you can thank us later.

Dubai – Atlantis The Palm

Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations, not to mention the most-viewed holiday location on TikTok – and there’s no wonder why. Located in the United Arab Emirates, it is a modern city featuring the best of both worlds from golden widespread beaches to stunning architectural masterpieces, tourists can not only soak up the sun whilst swimming in the sea but can also have days exploring cultural landmarks and take in the city’s architecture. In terms of TikTok social popularity, #dubai has stacked up a whopping 99.2B views with the platform showcasing a range of content from luxury hotels and their accommodation and restaurants to activities and day trips, pools, and views across the ocean.

Atlantis The Palm is one of Dubai’s most luxurious resorts and a common occurrence in TikTok content with #atlantisthepalm being viewed 213.5 million times! The ultimate holiday destination for both families and friends, this iconic trending hotel has an abundance of facilities including 23 bars and restaurants, and a breadth of entertainment including live music. As you can see in this TikTok room reveal, viewers can even be taken through an exclusive room tour (how cool), or even experience a first-hand view of the Aquaventurewaterslide ‘The Surge’ – if that doesn’t make you want to pack up your bags and fly to Dubai, I don’t know what will.

New York –The Pierre, A Taj Hotel

Another top TikTok travel destination is New York which attracts a vast number of tourists throughout its seasons, especially at Christmas. I don’t know about you, but ice skating in the Big Apple whilst the snow is falling is surely everyone’s dream. There’s something about New York that feels magical. As far as TikTok goes, #newyork has 34.2B views and features a range of travel content from outstanding skyscraper views and the best eateries in the city, to places to visit including exploring Central Park and spectating the Statue of Liberty. There are so many different ways to spend your time in New York, and TikTok provides endless inspiration. New York’s skyscraper jungle is a sight to behold.

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel is an astonishing hotel located close to Central Park and again is a common topic for travel inspiration. With 140 rooms and 49 suites, this 5-star hotel is the perfect place to facilitate your much-needed New York escape. Viewers can have an introduction to the impressive entrance of the hotel through TikTok which showcases the grand floors and chandeliers. Not only this but the dining areas are breathtaking, with the recently designed The Rotunda restaurant the star of the show. The rounded dining area is covered in detailed furnishings and murals and offers guests midday and supper meals along with vibrant cocktails. A TikTok-worthy place to eat, and showcase to your viewers.

Istanbul – Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At The Bosphorus

Istanbul in Turkey has 40.0B views on TikTok making it another popular holiday destination, especially for history lovers amongst you all. A sightseer’s paradise, the amazing location allows holidaymakers to experience thousands of years of traditions with its magnificent mosques, churches, museums, and even palaces. Many restaurants in Istanbul have widespread views of the city, so guests can delight in the local cuisine whilst taking in all this history. The perfect opportunity for food with a view. Holidaymakers can never be bored in this bustling city, and viewers have taken to TikTok to provide potential tourists with information on the best places to visit. You can plan your trip before you even arrive, and add visiting The Blue Mosque, going on the Bosphorus Cruise, and sightseeing on the Galata Tower to your list of things to do.

The Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at The Bosphorus is located centrally making it the perfect destination to accommodate an Istanbul holiday. #fourseasonsistanbul has 102.9K views on TikTok making it a sought-after hotel, and we can see why. The exterior is of a grand nature, which perfectly sets the tone of the inside which contains facilities like luxury guest rooms and suites, spa services, and an array of dining areas including a choice of alfresco dining with beautiful waterfront views. TikTok allows viewers to explore the hotel in its entirety and gives them a taster of what an Istanbul holiday could entitle.

Start Ticking Off Your TikTok Travel List

TikTok has spoken, and now you know which destinations come out on top. From the panoramic picturesque beaches of Dubai, the urban paradise of New York, to the cultural ancient city of Istanbul, each of these wonderfully unique locations should be at the top of everyone’s TikTok travel list. To embark on your own adventure and experience life as your favourite travel influencers do, contact us today and start your dreamy TikTok-worthy getaway.