As we approach the shorter days and cooler temperatures of the winter months, taking a truly amazing holiday abroad can be an almost essential way to relax and unwind with the people you love. Yet with the increasingly high cost of living hitting so many of us, the idea of going on a cheap holiday to Dubai or having a luxurious break to the Maldives can seem impossible.

By making just a few changes to your holiday budget, however, you will be amazed at just how much of the world you can see without having to break the bank. To get you started, this travel budget guide will provide a few key tips allowing holidaymakers to continue to enjoy their holidays.

Holiday Booking

With so many things to consider when going abroad, it can often seem overwhelming and simpler to pay for the easier and more expensive options.

One way to avoid this stress is preparation; therefore, picking your preferred holiday destination and booking well in advance is a fantastic start. Not only does this give time to calmly plan and budget, but it also makes the holiday package far cheaper; bonus points if you’re able to travel outside of the peak school holiday months. Choosing an all-inclusive holiday package also softens the blow by wrapping all your main holiday costs into one neat bow. Flights, meals, activities, accommodation, and entertainment just to name a few are covered.

While it can be tricky, when it comes to budgeting flexibility is your friend. You can work around the cheapest costs available and leave everyone else to pay a premium. And let’s face it, with the speed that this year has gone, you’ll be jetting off on your holiday in no time.

Budget planning

Amazing! Your – let’s say – cheap holiday to the Maldives has been booked. The next stage is to work out a daily budget and try to stick to it. It’s true, sometimes when travelling abroad we forget how much we spend and how much money we have left. To remember this, it can be helpful to plan what you intend on doing each day. Ask yourself what cash spend will I need for this schedule and where can I save money to enjoy these activities stress-free?’.

Another trick to budgeting is to think back to past holidays and the times in which you could have saved. Even if you haven’t taken a cheap holiday to Abu-Dhabi yet, thinking back to your past holiday expenses can provide insight into how you should budget your holiday. Experience can often be the best teacher here and whether it be the cost of a restaurant or even transport options, there are many cheaper alternatives which could save money and allow you to enjoy your luxury break with the peace of mind that you are within budget.

Holiday Spending

Even while away, there are plenty of money-smart hacks to follow.

No matter the destination, on holiday we indeed love pampering ourselves silly. If your hotel sits far away from the beach while the thought of using the local public transport can seem intimidating, planning your journey this way can be a game changer when comparing prices of private taxis or car hire.

You’ll also want to avoid paying for anything by card and instead pay with the local currency to avoid the huge rates that most banks place on overseas purchases. The most cost-effective way to do this is to monitor the exchange rates long before the holiday and make the exchange when the pound is at its strongest. The last thing anyone wants to do is turn up to a country or an airport and pay extravagant exchange rates for cash.

Finally, sprinkled around on the holiday will also be a sea of amazing shops and restaurants that offer a range of ID deals. Some of the obvious ones are student, young persons, and senior discounts so be sure to bring along an active ID card.

Insurance and Atol Protection

Often the most overlooked and yet simple part of a budget holiday is securing the right travel insurance and ATOL plan.

While no one wants to think about their holiday going wrong, this sort of contingency planning could save you a tonne of cash. Maybe your flight is cancelled, your baggage is stolen, or your airline has ceased trading. An effective travel insurance policy provides you with protective financial cover to deal with these blows. An ATOL-protected holiday also provides financial protection should the airline you travel with cease trading. Therefore, we at Value Added Travel offer it as the standard for all our holiday packages; we believe that no one should be left out of pocket in a situation outside of their control.

Enjoy Yourself

The final tip is simply… enjoy yourself!

That’s what it’s all about in the end. Even if you end up slightly over budget, be kind to yourself and make long-lasting memories while soaking in the tranquil beaches, beautiful sun, and fantastic landscapes.

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