Guests can now visit Thailand without having to quarantine, after many months of restricted travel! The good news is that this means fully vaccinated tourists can access the country without having to do a test, too.

Upon arrival, all tourists require to show confirmation of their passport and certificate of their vaccination status, but then guests are free to explore this dreamy destination. The new rules are a massive incentive for visitors planning a trip to the country, and mean that travellers from all over the world can now experience the vibrancy and culture without having to worry. With so much to explore, you will quickly fall in love with Thailand as a quarantine-free travel country (and much, much more).

The Quarantine-Free Travel Rules For Vaccinated Tourists Visiting Thailand

Let’s get all the logistics out the way, shall we? In terms of travelling into the country, you will need to apply for a Thailand pass before entering the country, which reopens for tourists visiting Thailand again on the 29th of April. You should also always ensure to check your insurance, as there is a minimum requirement when travelling to Thailand, and always remember, for the latest, up to date information around your travel destination, be sure to visit the country’s government and tourism websites.

Quarantine-free travel means you are as free as a bird. Guests will also be free to visit wherever they please within the country, explore the incredible tourist attractions 9 which includes the famous Koh Phi Phi), and try the range of delicious Thai cuisine that this beautiful destination has to offer. Thailand is a place where you can relax and explore the sumptuous clear blue waters, delicate soft sand, and scintillating, picturesque views.

Make sure you plan a visit to the mesmerising Grand Palace, which is situated in the capital, Bangkok. One of the most nostalgic places in Thailand, you will not forget visiting this astonishing building in a hurry, where you can find out more about the history and heritage of Thailand.

What About Entry For Unvaccinated Tourists Booking A Trip To Thailand?

Good news for unvaccinated travellers: you can still enter travel to Thailand unvaccinated, but you must provide a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of making the trip to the country to gain entry.

Unfortunately, unvaccinated guests will not get the freedom of vaccinated tourists, as it is mandatory for guests to quarantine in Thailand for five days upon the arrival. On the fifth day of your trip, unvaccinated visitors must take a RT-PCR test.

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