As we approach the summer months, more and more of us are seeking the perfect all-inclusive holiday to forget about the chaos of recent times. Not just a break, but an unforgettable adventure to make lifelong memories. Searching for this illusive resort however can seem daunting as we all seek something different from our ideal trip away.

Fret no more, the answer for you may just be a trip away to one of many gorgeous resorts on the Maldives. Unlike more ordinary holiday destinations, the tropical islands offer an unmatched experience for those seeking a luxurious and all-inclusive break.

Regardless of whether you decide to go with the family or seeking a romantic getaway, the islands offer reasons to visit for everyone.

Experience Unmatched Maldives Landscapes

Located in Southeast Asia in the tranquil Indian Ocean, a trip to the Maldives islands will see you bask in beaming temperatures all year round. These clear skies perfectly complement the sandy beaches and serene waters surrounding you from the moment you wake (not to mention some of the tallest coconut trees in the world). For those looking to take in the tranquil scenery, we’d recommend a getaway to Atmosphere Kanifushi Resort. Not only will your beautiful Sunset resort be bordered by the island’s tropical vegetation, but you also have access to the beaches within meters of your Maldives hotel.

Still not convinced? Prefer more exploration in your resort holiday? The many island landmarks will certainly meet your appetite. With cultural influences ranging from Africa to India, and to Malaysia, the Maldives has every globetrotter covered.

It’s true that photographs do not do the islands beautiful beaches and pristine resorts justice. It is a place that needs to be lived in and experienced to be truly appreciated.

Face Exciting Resort Activities

From the moment you land on the islands you’re met with a water plane to take you to your resort.

Straight away the tone of your trip has been set. Your stay at the Maldives islands will be unlike anything you have done before. Hopping between the different islands, one day you could be snorkelling past white sharks and manta rays, the next could see you grow a passion for paddleboarding, surfing, or even kayaking by the time you leave your hotel.

For those looking to enjoy more familiar (and less terrifying) activities, you may be surprised to know that we share some of our favourite sports with the island locals. Badminton, tennis, cricket and football are all favourites to play on the island beaches. Thanks to their popularity, you will never be without a teammate or opponent to give you a good challenge or relaxing exhibition.

All-Inclusive Service

I’m sure you’re aware of the usual marks of fantastic holiday service: a clean hotel, fast room service, a mint on the bed pillows.

A trip to any Maldives resort however shows that to be ‘all-inclusive’ service should be tailored to your very needs. Want to be greeted by a gin and tonic in your hotel to wind down after a busy day of exploration? Go right ahead; it’s your holiday. Your resort stay will also be filled to the brim with fine dining experiences in which you can enjoy some of the yummy local cuisine like fried yams and fish curry in some of the most exotic locations. Need more reasons to visit? Well with some of the best all-inclusive spa and self-care facilities around you can constantly enjoy the pampered and unforgettable holiday experience you truly deserve.

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