Life can get a bit hectic, don’t worry we’ve been there! You get stuck in your work life cycle and sometimes forward planning is just not possible. That’s where the beauty of last-minute travel comes in. You might have been given a rogue week off from work and have no plans, or just haven’t got round to booking something yet. So, we’re here to help you with your last-minute travel plans and uncover our top 5 last minute travel destinations to make the most of your spur of the moment getaway!

How to choose your destinations

You may be travelling for many different reasons, whether that’s because you’re sick and tired of the UK weather and wish to escape into the sun, or you want to plunge into the history and culture of another country. Finding the best place to travel to last minute comes down to your objectives. Don’t forget to take into consideration what time of the year it is and what the weather is going to be like when you get there, and various public holidays that may affect what is open and where you can visit.

Dubai- All round sunshine

The best place for a last-minute escape to somewhere warm is Dubai. It’s hot hot hot all year round, so whenever you choose to hop on that plane you will certainly have a warm (or hot) welcome. The temperatures range from 20°C to 40°C. May through to October are the mildest, which you may find more bearable in the heat of the day. Between June and September is the hottest time to visit, and perhaps a time to consider more inside air-conditioned attractions as temperatures can get up to 40°C. Flights are often direct and take from 6 to 7 hours so a great in-between from a short haul to long haul destination. Perfect for a last-minute week away! Dubai is an all-round multi-cultural hub. Islam is the official religion of Dubai. This does mean that if you travel in the months of Ramadan there are certain restrictions of what you may and may not be able to do, so if you’re travelling around the months of March and April be mindful of this. There are many things to do all year round, so if you’re looking for some November thrills visiting Atlantis the Palm could provide you with access to the biggest waterpark in the world as well as access to some winter sun!

Dubrovnik Croatia- History

If you have a few days to spare and want to quickly pop to a city drenched in history, Dubrovnik is a fantastic place to experience. Between 2 and 3 hours a short flight will take you straight to Dubrovnik airport. Ideal for a weekend away. The city has been around since the 7th century so wherever you travel you are met by medieval architecture and culture rich sites. Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites this place will truly transport you back in time. The weather is somewhat similar to the UK. With highs of 25°C in July and just above 10°C in December. So, if you’re wishing to bask in the sun we would highly recommend travelling in the summer. The Hilton Imperial hotel is located just minutes away from the city’s historic old town. The perfect stop for a last-minute getaway.

Greece- Culture & History

Greece is a very popular destination for many, boasting a wealth of history that dates back several thousands of years. From scenes of Mamma Mia to incredible food and ancient landmarks its no wonder people are putting Greece at the top spot in their last-minute travel plans. A pleasant 3-to-4-hour plane journey can take you to the incredible city of Athens. With opening hours and public holidays pretty similar to the UK, no matter what time of the year you wish to travel, Greece will provide you with landmarks, shops and restaurants. The weather again is similar to the UK with the summer months of May through to August averaging over 20°C with highs of 28°C. Winter months can drop below 10°C so if you’re after some warm weather, definitely go in the summer.

New York- Year-round entertainment

The city that never sleeps, New York city is a bustling city that is on most people’s bucket lists. Ideal for any time of the year. The beauty of New York is that no matter what the weather, its breath-taking. In the wintertime, when grand central is glistened with frost and Christmas lights litter the streets with all the festive feels! Even in spring when the trees are thriving with blossoms. Summer doesn’t disappoint either with rooftop festivals or river cruises. Of course, Autumn provides you with the orange glow of the trees leaves and beauty of the season.

From sight-seeing the most iconic landmarks like the statue of Liberty or venturing up the Empire State building, your sure won’t be lacking things to do. A flight from the UK is usually direct, and between 10 and 11 hours long. A great option for a long weekend or week away. If you want to be in the centre of it all, the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel is at the hub of everything.

Morocco- Close to home

An ideal last-minute travel destination is somewhere close to home, this is why Morocco is perfect, just over a 3-hour flight you can be transported to the desert sun in no time. For a quick getaway that runs in the same time zone as the UK, you can explore a mixture of the outstanding coastline and traditional souk markets selling the most tantalising flavours Morocco has to offer. The tropical climate means you’ll be met with pleasant highs of 35°C, with a hot dry climate inland. You can relax and unwind at the Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa with 5 nights, fights in a superior room with our last-minute offer. You can spend you day on the desert beach or exploring some of the most beautiful remote waterfalls. This country will fill you with enough culture, and your suitcase with enough unique souvenirs to scratch that last minute travel itch!

If you didn’t have last minute travels plans, I bet you do now! There really are some fantastic places you can visit without any prior planning. Sometime the best memories are the most spontaneous ones. If you wish to speak to one of our travel experts on the best holiday for you, please contact us, of fill out an enquiry form if you’ve already seen somewhere you want to go! Make sure to tag us in your last-minute travel pics. - @value_added_travel on Instagram.