Holidays are all about getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, right? We love nothing more than escaping to faraway places like Abu Dhabi or the Maldives and getting the opportunity to be wined and dined. Washing up and slaving over a stove becomes a distant memory, and in its place is a wonderous holiday filled with food…and exclusive extras. This is where Half Board comes in. Getaways are that much sweeter when meals are included in the price don’t you think? With a Half Board holiday, guests can enjoy just that! There’s that added security of knowing throughout your holiday two meals are provided, but also the freedom of knowing that during the day you can put your explorer hats on and adventure around the surrounding areas. For some, the term ‘Half Board’ may be an unfamiliar phrase, and here at Value Added Travel, we are going to get right into the mix and outline what it is and why you should be booking it.…we are travel experts after all.

What Are Half Board Holidays?

Basically, this type of holiday package means that the accommodation, usually the flights, and two meals at your designated hotel or resort are included in the price – perfect. The two meals that guests can indulge in are usually breakfast and dinner – with the timeframe between these as free time to go about your day how you please – soak up the sun on the beach, explore the city and shop till you drop… you name it. However, in some circumstances, one of these options can be switched out for lunch instead. The food provided within this package tends to be buffet-style dining, particularly in larger resorts, which allows all guests to be catered for. The beauty of a buffet is that guests can indulge in an array of food and leave filling full and content. In smaller hotels, the food provided can also come as a more personalised a la carte menu.

Why Should Guests Book It?

There are several reasons why choosing to go Half Board on your next trip is the way forward. Firstly, it is flexible yet secure. For many of us, when we travel abroad, we don’t want to have to be tied down with too many commitments. We seek freedom and the excitement of exploring new places. The beauty of Half Board is that in the morning and the evening, you can rejoice in the security of knowing you can grab your next food fix – allowing the perfect opportunity to leave the hotel during the day. This option also adds a bit of variety into your holiday instead of eating at the same restaurants throughout your stay. Having that extra meal that is not catered for means you can explore the local eateries and choose which restaurants to dine in. All about balance. Take time to savour the local cuisine and get in touch with the surrounding culture.

The next reason why you should book a Half Board holiday is the affordability aspect. Instead of paying out daily on different expensive restaurants, all your food needs are available in one handy and convenient place! Having two meals added to the overall price means in the long run it’s a cheaper option – we all love value for money!

Lastly, for those seeking a family holiday, Half Board will ensure all members are satisfied. We can understand the mayhem of excited children and choosing a Half Board holiday ensures that for two meals of the day, little ones can get a quick access to an array of foods – all in a relaxed environment too! Even the fussiest of eaters can be catered for with the vast food options. This type of travel package means that during the day, children can run off their adrenaline without the fret of being back for lunch. Don’t worry parents – we have your back here.

Half Board Holidays With Value Added Travel

At Value Added Travel we offer a fantastic selection of Half Board holidays in some of the world’s most picturesque destinations. We have the spectacular Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi with its glamour Arabian-inspired interiors and quick access to outstanding heritage sites like the Al Jahili Fort. Or we provide guests with the opportunity to stay in the Al Wadu Desert and explore all that The Ritz Carlton Ras Al Khaimah has to offer. Maybe you a seeking an endless supply of sun and sea, well at The Oberoi Beach Resort in Mauritius, guests can immerse themselves in an Indian Ocean paradise and soak up all the rays and turquoise waters that they need. Whichever your preference, our Half Board holiday destinations will ensure that you can obtain that much-needed luxury escape that you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact – enquire with us today so your dreams can become a reality. Your holiday awaits…