Sri Lanka is home to diverse cultures and ethnicities, famous for producing exotic spices and the finest tea, this country is drenched with over 3,000 years of history. If you are looking to travel to Sri Lanka soon, and you want to do something a little different from just basking in the sun (as enjoyable as that is) then you may want to check out these hidden gems.

Pidurangala Rock

You may have heard of Sigiriya rock, which is a popular tourist destination, showcasing the beauty of Sri Lanka cave temples, but have you heard of Pidurangala rock? Located a few km away from Sigiriya, this rock will provide a far more challenging climb perfect for the more adventurous of travellers, providing those who climb, an incredible panoramic view of Sigiriya. Starting with a temple at the bottom, you can enjoy about an hour’s walk to the top. This is an amazing place to experience if you want to see Sri Lanka’s nature at its best.

Handunugoda Tea Estate

If you’re from the UK then it’s a high chance you love a cuppa Tea (if you don’t are you sure you are even from the UK?) This next one might be right up your street. The Handunugoda Tea Estate, offers visitors a display of all their old tea machinery, as well as tea tastings and rides around the plantation on horseback. It’s the only tea plantation on the coast of Sri Lanka that specialises in “virgin white tea”. A great day out for those of you who love tea and want to learn more about the production of it!

Elephant Freedom Project

There are many different opportunities to see the Asian elephants of the Indian Ocean, but unfortunately many are still used for working and riding. Something an ethically conscious traveller may want to avoid. However, this doesn’t mean you have to miss out. A beautiful hidden gem in Sri Lanka is the Elephant Freedom Project. A family-run business that’s home to two Sri Lankan elephants that are not used for working or riding. This project aims to give them a safe refuge that they can call home. By visiting these elephants you are not only supporting a family-run business, but also the refuge of Sri Lankan elephants.

Ritigala Sanctuary and Ancient Buddhist Monastery

When you travel to Sri Lanka, visiting an ancient site should definitely be on your list. The Ritigala sanctuary is an ancient monastery and range of mountains located just 43 kilometres away from Anuradhapura. It has a microclimate of its own and is home to a diverse range of animal and plant species. You can spend about 2 hours hiking around the mountains and architectural remains of the monastery that dates back to the 1st century.

Brief Garden of Bevis Bawa

An enchanting location that is a delight to discover. These gardens were designed in the 1920’s by one of the most famous landscape architects in Sri Lanka. This enchanting garden is situated on the grounds of the late architect’s home and is filled with statues and polished cement floors. Bursting with personality, this garden is well and truly beautiful. Pop a visit and spend around 2 hours wandering the grounds, soaking up the Japanese signatures for the designs.

Lovers Leap Falls

Named after the legend of the prince of Nuwara, who fell in love with a village girl but was permitted by the king to pursue her, they headed to the waterfall and jumped off the rock. The waterfall is 30m high and is the starting point of brooks and streams of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain range. Shrouded in mystery, The lover’s leap falls is a stone’s throw from the city of Nuwara Eliya. It’s a tranquil spot where you can fully appreciate the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

There are tonnes more hidden gems you can discover in Sri Lanka, you could easily spend months there finding them all! If you are desperate to travel to Sri Lanka and explore these hidden gems, don’t forget to fill out an enquiry form to request a quote, or if you wish to speak to us about your Sri Lanka holiday, feel free to contact us today. Happy exploring!