Qatar…we know this is a country on everyone’s lips at the moment, and we know why – with football back in full swing, and the exciting FIFA World Cup 2022 being hosted all over stadiums in Qatar at the end of the month, this small region is gaining ground among the nations, and for those of you who just can’t resist watching the games, we have exclusive Saudi Arabia and Qatar Tour Packages where you can explore all that Saudi Arabia has to offer whilst being provided the opportunity to watch a live football game! However, it’s not all about football (we know), and Qatar is famous for many other factors. For those of you who are yearning for a Middle Eastern holiday and are wondering if a holiday to Qatar is the one for you, we have outlined the top five reasons why you should pack your bags and embark on a sunny escape to this culturally diverse and picturesque location. You will not be disappointed we can assure you…

About Qatar

Located in Western Asia, Qatar is the second smallest country in the PersianGulf (also known as the Arabian Gulf) and shares a border with Saudi Arabia to the south, with the United Arab Emirates and Iran close by also. Although it is smaller in size in comparison to surrounding countries, Qatar makes up for this with its riches – it is known as one of the richest countries in the world as it controls about 13% of global oil reserves. In terms of culture, Qatar is steeped in its traditional roots, and alike most Arab nations, the culture is closely related to Islamic principles. So, when travelling to this outstanding destination this needs to be kept in mind – tourists need to be respectful of the religion, especially around the time of Ramadan. But don’t let this deter you, holidays to Qatar can be eye-opening and provides a great opportunity to experience new cultures.

Overall, Qatar is filled with desert safaris, archaeological sites, forts, panoramic beaches, hotels, souks…and even horse and camel racing (Oh yes). Let’s introduce you to the five reasons why you should travel to Qatar.

1. Sunshine All Year Round

For those who love a holiday with an abundance of sunny days, this one is especially for you! All year round Qatar experiences a hot climate with summer being the hottest season. From May to September the days are long, and temperatures may reach as high as 42 degrees. This is the kind of time when people usually stay indoors during the day and embrace the evening nightlife by going out. If you are not a heat enthusiast, then travelling to Qatar in Spring or Winter is the perfect choice for you. Spring is milder with temperatures in the mid-20 degrees, and Winter(December to February) experiences more pleasant temperatures with the coolest month January ranging between 12 degrees and 21 degrees. But there’s no need to worry about the weather as within these months they are only a few days of rain – perfect.

2. Mesmerising Architecture

Qatar’s architecture is a combination of past and present masterpieces. On the one hand, tourists can spectate the innovative skyscrapers and see some of the most admirable and tallest buildings including the Doha Towers (also known as Burj Doha), 44-stories high and located in West Bay, Doha that spans around 238m. Its iconic cylindrical shape is something to behold. On the other hand, Qatar also provides the opportunity to explore its heritage through ancient sites like the Al Zubara Fort – a UNESCO World Heritage Site allowing a glimpse of Qatari history. This fort was built in 1938 and is now used as a museum and hosts regular exhibitions revolving around local history.

3. Qatar’s Culinary Experiences

Holidays are all about food – right? Qatar does not disappoint here, and the country is full of cuisines from all over the world. High-end and exquisite restaurants are in abundance, as are casual eateries, and quaint cafes – with most hotels providing top-notch facilities also. Everywhere you look there are new flavours to try, and new dining experiences to embark on. As well as modern choices, Qatar is rich in Arabic food favourites. Some of these include Majboos, a national dish made up of a combination of rice, and aromatic spices which can be served with a variety of meats. Another is Baklava, and this one is for those of you who have a sweet tooth. One of the best Qatar desserts, Baklava is made from layers of filo pastry which is filled with chopped nuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios, and is held together with both honey and sweet syrup.

4. Natural Landscapes

It’s not all about impressive architecture when it comes to Qatar, and for those who like the best of both worlds, there is an endless supply of natural landscapes from sand dunes to beaches, although bear in mind it is predominantly a desert landscape. The warm waters of the Gulf offer an array of beaches to suit all. The best family-friendly location is Katara Beach which is in the city of Doha. This beach is a white sandy beach with lounge chairs, shaded areas to ensure children stay cool, accessibility to motorised and non-motorised water sports, and an exclusive kid’s play area. All the family can relax in the sun and enjoy a fulfilled family getaway.

Qatar’s stunning desert is not one to miss and is home to some incredible action-packed activities. Tourists can see the views while riding a camel, or by throwing themselves headfirst into a dune-bashing adventure. There is also an array of desert safaris that can be taken on foot or by Jeep. If that wasn’t enough, spending the night in a Bedouin camp is the experience of a lifetime (we can assure you). Picture this… star gazing at the stars whilst around a campfire, listening to music, and feasting on Qatari dishes…bliss.

5. Art & Culture

Qatar’s art and culture scene is rich and plentiful boasting a generous number of world-class museums, inspiring galleries, and street art. It is an art lover’s paradise! The National Museum of Qatar is not only impressive on the outside, but its distinct exterior is an art exhibit of its own. Visitors can take in Qatar’s rich and diverse culture all in one space! Souq Waqif is a major attraction and another place that is worth a visit. Translated into ‘the standing market’, this heritage market in Doha is filled with dozens of tiny stores from spices, garments, and scented oils, to handcrafted treasures. The beauty of this market is incomparable, a space filled with art and culture to suit all requirements.

It's Time For A Holiday To Qatar…

Qatar is a culturally diverse and breathtakingly beautiful destination, featuring the very best facilities, all rounded with an abundance of sunshine. With so many impressive landmarks to see from scrapers to historical masterpieces, activities for all the family to get involved in like camel riding and water sports, and the fascinating art that is on display everywhere you set your eyes upon - Qatar is a well-round holiday location that will ensure for an exciting escape. Enquire today with our holiday experts and explore all that Qatar has to offer!