Booking a holiday can sometimes seem like a chore, right? The thought of booking transfers, family excursions, finding the perfect accommodation to suit everyone’s needs, and you can’t forget finding the time to relax! These can all sound like such daunting and time-consuming tasks when you have a busy lifestyle. Well, that’s why multi-centre, also known as twin-center holidays, are becoming increasingly popular. Multi-center holidays combine two or more locations into one trip, allowing you to combine different tours, attractions, and resorts into one, taking all that holiday-prep stress away from you. With that in mind, let’s delve into our top 5 reasons why a multi-centre holiday should be next on your travel bucket list:

1. Experience the best of both worlds!

Have you been struggling to figure out your 2023 holiday destination? Do you want to relax by a beautiful beach or immerse yourself in busy city life? You don’t have to make that decision! Why not do both? With multi-center holidays you can tick both types of holidays off your 2023 bucket list and experience the best of both worlds. Alternatively, if you just want a beach holiday but can’t decide on two different destinations, not to worry- multi-centre holidays cover this too. Some of our most popular multi-destination holidays include-

Multi-centre holidays are perfect if you’re an indecisive person, you don’t have to sit around and decide on whether you want to spend 7 days by the sea or 7 days in the city- you can just do both for a similar price as one!

2. Hassle-free holidays

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed holiday in the city, or want to relax and travel from coast to coast, nothing is too complicated for us with a multi-centre holiday. From Sydney & Dubai, to Doha & Maldives – multi-destination holidays cover some of the most popular destinations in the world. Instead of spending hours of your free time contacting different companies trying to arrange every detail- we will happily do this for you. Due to our years of experience, we are experts in knowing how to get you the best seats in the house and send you to the most exclusive locations. You may be wondering; will I have enough time to experience each destination I choose? Of course! With our bespoke trips, you can choose between a pre-made selection of multi-centre holidays or, work alongside our team to build your perfect trip situated to your group’s ideal route.

3. Value for money

Have you been dreaming of visiting a luxury destination but it’s completely out of your price range? Don’t cross it off your list! With a twin-centre holiday, you can incorporate this destination into your getaway for a smaller cost. Why not spend a night or two in the more expensive destination and then travel to somewhere cheaper afterward- talk about the best of both worlds! By choosing a multi-centre- you’re saving lots of pennies on air travel due to the fact it works out far cheaper than if you were to travel separately to multiple destinations. Also, a big factor to never forget, is that it’s much better for the environment compared to two separate holidays.

4. Keep your break exciting

As much as no one wants to admit it, sometimes 2 weeks in the same place can get slightly boring and you want to explore new places. Multi-centre holidays allow you to see more of the world in just one trip. By traveling to multiple destinations, you’re keeping your trip more stimulating and memorable and will be constantly learning about new cultures and different ways of life in each destination that you chose for your holiday.

5. Travel experts on hand

The thought of organising a multi-destination holiday can sound a bit daunting, and the thought of having to arrange everything whilst you are abroad can sound a bit petrifying, but you’ll have absolutely no need to worry. Organising your multi-centre break with one provider means the holiday will be as smooth as possible and you don’t need to stress about a single thing. Here at Value Added Travel, we will make sure that every detail of your break goes to plan and that you get the best possible deals. If you were to book through multiple providers, whilst you’re abroad if you have an issue, you may run the risk of having to contact multiple companies to overcome any issues. Instead of putting yourself through that, book with us, and we will be with you every step of the way. Whether it’s an issue on the first day of planning your holiday, or in the departure airport on your way home, we are only a phone call or email away from ensuring your holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ready for your 2023 multi-centre holiday?

Multi-centre holidays are an increasingly popular way to travel, being able to do one trip, but visit multiple luxurious locations, is just a dream. With so many impressive landmarks to see, cultures to understand, people to meet, and historical landmarks to view around the world, multi-centres are the best way to experience as much as you can. Browse our online offers to get a great deal on your holiday or enquire today with our holiday experts to plan your bespoke, unforgettable 2023 holiday. Happy holidays!